Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Is Electric iCar Finally Coming From Apple?

  There are a lot of rumours flying around the silicon valley about the potential development of Apple iCar again. GM Bolt and Tesla Model III are prepping the mass market for electric cars with 200 miles range EV around $30k price tag. Foxconn - the manufacture of Apple iPhones and iPads is investing hundreds of millions into EV building facilities in China now. Apple will be in a very good company. It is the real chance the change the world, make it the better place and bring out another revolutionary product, Steve Jobs has dreamt about.

Will We See Electric Car For $15k? Foxconn to Invest 5 Billion Yuan in Its Shanxi Factories.


  We have very interesting report today from Bloomberg on Foxconn. It is all the same web: electric cars, China, Tesla and Apple. Will we see electric car for $15k produced by Foxconn in China after all? Today we get one step closer to this groundbreaking development for the mass market for electric cars.
  China moves very fast now to fight the air pollution and ignite the next industrial revolution. This collaboration with Tesla will allow it to acquire the latest technology in electric cars space. Lithium batteries and materials are already the very important foundation for this advance being built in China right now. Read more."

Powered By Lithium: Will Foxconn Make The Electric iCar For Apple Priced Under $15,000?

  Foxconn is not talking about the use of Tesla Motors patents or Apple being involved at this stage, but this is the kind of developments I am expecting to happen more and more after Elon Musk went Open Source with Electric Cars and opened Tesla patents to all. Foxconn is the largest contracts electronics maker in the world, including production of iPhones and iPads for Apple. I am not sure that we can certainly expect now that my dream -  the Electric iCar will be produced by Foxconn, but  they are the one who can make it.
  They can easily outsource the particular auto-making technology and develop Electric Car for the basic urban mobility targeting megalopolises in China and India. Foxconn's strength will be the existing low cost manufacturing base and very efficient management of the supply chain. I do not expect them to produce alone the competition to Tesla Model S, but another KANDI I can expect easily. And "The Big If" - if the Apple will be involved at some stage with its cash and marketing machine, than we can talk about Steve Jobs' dream in the making:

Lithium Drive: Steve Jobs’ Apple iCar dream - Mickey Drexler: "Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

  Key to the success will be cheap, but reliable Lithium Battery with respectable range. LG Chem is very active in Asia now matching the Tesla's Gigafactory plans in their ambitions and we have the new players like Ganfeng Lithium with International Lithium coming into this promising market as well now. And here lies another twist to this story:
"Asked by the same shareholder about Hon Hai’s reported cooperation with U.S. electric car pioneer Tesla Motors Inc., Gou said he would not comment on any single client, adding only that Tesla is a good company and can help Hon Hai understand future trends in the car industry. TheChinaCap."
   Everything new in this life was started with the simple question: Why Not? Can we start talking that Tesla, Apple and Foxconn Is A Match Made In Heaven To Make Electric Apple iCar Under $15k? Tesla and Apple have met after all discussing SOMETHINGbefore. Whether it was Tesla Gigafactory for potential production of Lithium Polymer Batteries for iPhones and iPads or my beloved Apple iCar my "Chinese tea leaves" are not telling me at the moment, but these three companies have everything in the world to make the mass market for Electric Cars happen overnight: Apple with its Billions of Capital, iconic brand and marketing machine, Tesla Motors with Electric Cars Lithium Technology and Foxconn with its Low Cost Manufacturing Base for mass market production and entry into the world's largest auto-market in China." Read more."

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