Saturday, 7 February 2015

Powered By Lithium: 2016 Volt Electric Hybrid Cars: New and Improved.

Powered By Lithium: Chevy Volt 2016 - The Next Step in Electric Evolution.

  Anton Wahlman covers interesting report that GM Bolt can come sooner than expected before and will compete with Tesla Model III. We already know that Elon Musk is not afraid of any competition and even welcomes development at GM. The Lithium market will welcome these developments, mass market for EVs is coming very soon now.

GM To Deliver Inexpensive 200-Mile EV 2 Years Ahead Of Tesla


  • Reuters reports sources inside and around GM say 200-mile EV production to start in October 2016 in Michigan.
  • Tesla’s equivalent Model 3 now looks to enter volume production in 2018, but with a possible interpretation of a slip into 2019.
  • As a result, GM absolutely destroys Tesla’s profit and growth prospects for the out-years.
  • Model 3 being first to market with an inexpensive 200-mile range EV was the main justification for Tesla’s premium multiple.
  • GM looks not just to be able to price Tesla into perpetual losses, but also do so years earlier than previously expected."

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept: 200-Mile Electric Range For The Mass Market.

"Better electric cars are coming on the streets. Tesla Model III and GM Volt will launch the mass market for EVs. LG Chem is building its Lithium Megafactory to meet to rising demand and Foxconn - manufacturer of iPhones - invests in electric cars in China. Next step in action now is to secure the supply of strategic commodities for this rEvolution - Lithium and REE."