Thursday, 5 February 2015

GATA: Bill Murphy On Gold - "If I Were Head Of The FED I Would Jump Out The Window!"

Chris Powell: GATA - Gold Is Too Sensitive to Western Governments Not To Manipulate It.

 "I am following the brilliant work from GATA and they have compiled  whole set of documents confirming the control and manipulation over the Gold market by Central Banks - the rhetorical question is why the mass media has never really dug into those documents. Web has made more and more information available to us this days. LIBOR, FOREX, Energy, Mortgages - all these rigging the market scandals were considered conspiracy theories one day. The ugly manipulation in Gold and Silver markets by Central Banks is making its way into the light of the day. Now Koos Jansen with his work provides us with the updates for the real demand for physical Gold in China and more and more information is available from Russia, Turkey and other countries - this is the very important indicator of the real risks in the financial system. What China knows about Gold the others don't? Read more."

French Gold Reserves: Letter to Alexandre Gautier, Banque de France

China Buys 202 t of Gold in 3 weeks - Koss Jansen: SGE Withdrawals Week 3, 2015: 71 tonnes!

 "We have a nice short squeeze today in the gold market and Gold is marching back towards $1,300 threshold after being smashed this week. U.S. GDP for Q4 came below expectations at 2.6% and there are more and more talks about the strong dollar killing export and corporate earnings. The upbeat on economy FED can face a very different reality after the Oil crash will make its way throughout the system with massive layoffs, cuts on CAPEX and even ... stop of shares buybacks.
  Meanwhile Koos Jansen reports that in China people are buying Gold in record amounts, every dip in price is being bought literally and first 3 weeks in 2015 have seen 202 t of Gold withdrawn from SGE.
  Miners start to move up again and NOVAGOLD is quite on fire after its positive news from Alaska, hopefully our Shotgun Project will get the proper attention with gold breaking above $1,300. Read more."