Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Eric Sprott: Expect Physical Gold Backing of Currencies Within Next Decade.

  Eric Sprott presents a very interesting big picture for gold and gold stocks. The fundamentals in the gold mining, enormous demand for physical Gold from China, India, Russia, Turkey and other countries will support the macro shifts happening right now in the currency markets.

Peak Gold: 10 Remarkable Gold and Silver Trends Going Into 2015.

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project in Alaska Presentation.

 "Never fight Central Banks - they have unlimited resources and can print all the money they want until the total breakdown in the system. The war on Deflation is on and ECB has unleashed its own QE with 1 Trillion Euro to be printed for a start. I would not bet on the end of the world, but would do definitely on Inflation. The desire to destroy the FIAT currencies by Central banks is almost unstoppable. Gold is surging in all currencies now and we are entering the new stage, when All FIAT currencies will depreciate against Gold. Nobody was interested in Gold projects with Gold sliding last few years, now it is time to look at the best ones, providing the scale for the new significant discoveries. Read more."


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