Saturday 12 June 2021

Brave Bitcoin Fighters With Ugly FIAT, Comrades, Be Prepared! Always Prepared! Proud People of El Salvador, Meet Tether: "FED" Of The DeepFake Bitcoin Crypto EcoSystem - "Give Me Just One Generation Of Youth And I'll Transform The Whole World."

InterNational Human Wealth of Wisdom. Attributed to Russian People. 

Dear Friends, I will not waste your time today with my personal stream of consciousness for too long. Everything is already here. Now. Everything is already written, you just need to find it. 

The UniVerse is unfolding this Life in front of our eyes by moving us in our perception through time and space along all turns on the timeline of The Blocks of Life Chain Great Spiral. You cannot step in the same water under the bridge twice. History never repeats itself, but it rhymes. 

Blessed are the young with their ignorance and they will be forgiven. But those who know, will not escape their own judgement, they know better. When The Great History of Cults is written, this chapter will be one of the best page-turners. 

How could so many bright people miss the whole point of another beautiful idea... again? How could dirty hands corrupt so quickly with Greed and Lust FOMOs the commandments of The White Paper? Bitcoin Crypto Bubble, like every other Great Bubble, demands from the Great People to self-sacrifice in order to become The Great Crypto Bubble. "The revolution always eats its own children."

How could twisted minds be allowed to hijack the "End The FED" and "Freedom Fighters for Honest Money" movements and exploit so basic Greed and Lust all over again? Look around you, why banksters "are fighting" with you now banks and FED for the future of Honest Money and for the "given by God right" to go "To The Moon" without paying Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos for the tickets? 

Or, sorry, maybe, you already spent some money wisely by investing while following Elon Musk, his shared wisdom on SNL and revelations in his Twitter scriptures. Take heart. His super-smart Dogecoin ideas and his loving nurturing approach, in general, are guiding the young and naive who are new to Crypto BS (Banksters Slang) messaging in the Bitcoin space. What Does Bitcoin Bubble fix apart from new mansions in Hampton? Have you bought your house as well with your Crypto profits? Please do not forget to take your crypto profits before Tether tears.

These are all rhetorical questions and I must not waste your time now. Our house is on fire. The dreams of so many who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of humankind are being manifested as you read This Pamphlet "The End of History: Critical Thinking is Dead"

Our western society is eating itself alive. Capitalism is bad. It surely must be dead by yesterday. We have so many great historical examples with all other brave social experiments of organising human societies to choose from and follow. Have you been there? Have you lived it as well? I've been there, I've seen it. I've done it all. Guilty.

If it was a war it would be considered treason, in the Bubble TV Wall Street marketing machine schedule, it's just another day. Small print. Not investment advice. Buyer beware. Who reads anything anyway?

Tether - there are big shocking details in a carefully worded small print. It can be redeemed "In-Kind", if at all, depending on particular circumstances, ability and will of those who are running this scheme.

All your Crypto Wealth can be Tether💔ed "in-Kind. BlockChain technology is beautiful, brilliant idea. Bitcoin was, maybe, probably, designed permissionless and unbreakable, but Crypto EcoSystem as a whole is centralised and corrupted. Tether is the weakest block in the Bitcoin BlockChain Crypto EcoSystem. 

But back to the Wealth of Nations Wisdom.

We got some brilliant fearless 20 years old analysts who have seen it all. They are building ARKs to withstand the Tsunami of printed FIAT. US Dollar will certainly collapse yesterday and it is worth less than plastic paper and ink already today. And there is that strange Pyramid on the US Dollar Bills - for all conspiracy masquerade. 

Bitcoin fixes EveryThing! 

It definitely fixes the BS (Balance Sheets, this time)  of all Promoters involved, it attributes to their Bottom Line, which you can clearly see now after, maybe, hundreds of millions of Ugly FIAT dollars are already being spent on Bubble TV marketing.

"Peach Bottom" by Cath Lowe

We have constructed some crazy products, we built portfolios using these sugar high sweet products and now we need to sell all these Funds, Trusts and other ETF Bags with GarBage (French, "gar * bu:hj") to you. 

The simple question to answer is: "Can theoretically some super-smart specially gifted people digitise ENRON's brave advanced accounting, Bernie Madoff's and Lehman Brothers' "Best Investment Practices"; encrypt it all for safely with a lot of BS,  put it on a blockchain and give it as a finished product to ReTail to enjoy? In the end, it seems, that this is exactly what they really want to keep them happy while they are FOMO chasing their Day Dreams with LAMBos". A lot of Circus entertainment and some Bread for some, sometimes. All the same, just encrypted with a lot of hard to understand Crypto Tech jargon and other BS spices, so it tastes so good. 

I would say, why not? After all, other "One Thousand and One" known to humans scams are already being tortured by elliptic-curve cryptography in the Dark Crypto Web and put on different blockchains. Needless to say, that Circus has left already, probably, with all treasure troves, only clowns are still here.

Our Nations are under attack and this brutal deadly attack is coming from within. From the very core of our social operating systems. Our Core Values as a society are being challenged. We are afraid to stand for our personal values with fear of being taken out of context, following our job being taken out from us and then being cancelled for life. Crowd thinking is the newly found fountain of wisdom and encouraged on purpose. 

Same old, same old - Pyramids and Sand-castles. 

Herds of "free-roaming" lambs in the proximity of the cliffs are the "best pioneers" as history teaches us. We better get warm as well next to that proverbial house on fire. 

Your FatherLand is being methodically destroyed with military precision. Everything that was built by blood, sweat and tears over the centuries by multiple generations is mortgaged at the Crypto Pawn Shop and all Tether Chips are thrown on the Bitcoin Bubble Grand Casino table right now. The best, the brightest. The whole generation is being slaughtered in the DeepFake Crypto Video Game. 

"Give Me Just One Generation of Youth And I'll Transform The Whole World." 

Vladimir Lenin.


We are studying the old manifestos, fooling each other and ready to cut throats ourselves. Who needs wars? And they are well underway. With such friends who needs enemies

The time is collapsing. Some of us can feel the next turn on that spiral of space and time, others will read it in the headlines. Before it is there, we all can still make a choice. Nobody here can cancel the last luxury of free will. Nobody said that we will succeed, but let's live by trying. We can reject being the lamb invited for the dinner as the main dish. Everything is already written. Do NOT be evil. Just around you. The First step.

Hopefully, common sense and millions of warm red-blooded beating hearts all over the world will prevent hotheads from pushing their luck again during The Fourth Turning. But we have to work on it. This stage is the next chapter of human history, this change of Generations still provides not only the threats and challenges but opportunities as well. We can choose the better place for all of us to go. But we must do so.

First, we must recognise clearly that we have these military threats to our soft targets, that we have these very well planned and implanted challenges and that they are running very deep. Greed and Lust open a lot of doors, twist and freeze even the warm hearts. 

"We are not at war", but all our society is "under attack". Our financial system is "under attack". All our Infrastructure is under cyber attack. The whole generation of Gamers is being slaughtered and they are running happily to be slaughtered with FOMO themselves fearing to miss out on the happy hour for Crypto coins airdrops at the local slaughterhouse. 

But back from the spiral to our headlines which are coming. 

Ladies and Gents

Time is for you to check your portfolios very carefully if you have not done so in February by realising and taking your Bitcoin and other Crypto profits from all tables at The Grand Crypto Bubble Casino. The main part is to get all that Ugly FIAT - freshly-printed crispy US Dollar cash ASAP from the Casino by cashing in all dirty (after they have been used in all Strip Clubs which are following the best KYC and AML practices) Tether Crypto Casino Chips. All your investment BlockChain must be analysed. Crypto portfolios, Bitcoin holdings, Stocks in the companies owning Bitcoin and Crypto assets, Funds with such companies. 


If the word Tether in your tired of fighting for a common-sense operating brain system still gives you only one search result: "What's about Tether? by Bill Burr in his Next Netflix Special", this brilliant video produced by  George Gammon is for you to watch today or even better now. 

George explains brilliantly my brave scientific thesis about "Rehypothecation Silos in the UK" - MMT collateral pyramids on the grand scale - the driving engine of modern financial miracles"Like Crypto Yield Farming with "guaranteed" 50% return.

The time is collapsing. Some of us can feel the next turn on that spiral of space and time, others will read it in the headlines. Before it is there, we all can still make a choice. Nobody here can cancel the last luxury of free will. Nobody said that we will succeed, but let's live by trying. We can reject being the lamb invited for the dinner as the main dish. Everything is already written. Do NOT be evil. Just around you. The First step. 

Be Prepared! Always Prepared! 

There are beautiful ideas, there are beautiful creatures. We all love to enjoy nature when it is so loving and so graciously calming like the meditation of Life. Playing Pandas, Bears and even Dragons are all so gracious, beautiful, strong. But do not play with the ideas with dirty hands. They can be easily corrupted. They become dirty themselves - even The White Papers. Once people are heavily invested in them, in these dirty ideas, they will continue to defend themselves being blinded by the Laser Eyes of Greed and Lust. These spoiled ideas can even become government policy. Brace yourself, Comrades, proud people of El Salvador! Stay safe. 

By the way, Those Laser Eyes, so easy to spot. Do not waste your time and energy joining the crowd blaming Pandas and Bears (and even Dragons) that they are eating our lunch. That they are the only real enemies and we should all be united against them in our shared hatred. They are the particular and the real reason for the lack of the Abundance in Our Wealthiest Western Society when it surely would be otherwise equally spread between those who are going into Space literally propelled by their Tax Revelations now and all others who are sleepwalking even through this domestic space disillusioned, sick and hungry. 

By the way, "the other side" is doing exactly the same. Find the enemy. Unite all against it, hate it viciously together, get warm and full of purpose. This all performance is "so smooth" if not the tragedies by the hour, it's like an orchestra playing from the same notebook. Divide and Conquer. Enough? 

This is nature. Do not go and play with Sharks in the water with your soul bleeding red blood while searching for the answers. They were talking about Love, but why are you sitting now in a Crypto "Streaptise Club"? Check out the music, who is dancing, does it involve throwing some money? Get out. Fresh air. Think.

You will be eaten alive by Wall Street Sharks, maybe even squeezed by Pandas and mauled by Bears. Do not play and try to kiss the Dragon. Respect this Beautiful Creature, even in love, it will burn you alive just by kissing. It's all nature, like Lust and Greed. 

If you become the soft target it will be found by specially trained people, it will be exploited and it will be attacked. Not so important by whom, if the weakness exists and it can be fixed. Do not go on the train tracks as a general rule of life. Avoid operating heavy machinery and avoid all Cults while under the influence, at all times. Avoid at all costs flying with kamikaze pilots. 

You must be ready and prepared for all vectors of attacks. Apply military scale risk management by being aware of all possible threats, risks and by studying nature with all Sharks, Scorpions, Pandas, Bears and even Dragons.

Let's help our Nations to become stronger. Stay Strong. Do not become the soft target. Solid values in uncertain times. Gold. Clean Green Energy. Keep your kids safe. Save the next generation for this Block Life Chain. 

Tesla Nikola rEVolution & Gold.

Be ready. Be safe. Help. Others.

Stay safe and prosper. 

Avoid all crowds.

"The Art Of War": China's Gold And Bitcoin Crypto Dragons.

My dear Friends, I have to address another very important issue for all gasping for air starfishes left alone on the beach after the first wave demolished their Bitcoin and Crypto sandcastles. 

The Tsunami is coming.

Jim Cramer & Mad Money investigate...

"My dear Friends, hopefully, you are reading my blog and Twitter feed not for the first time. Your Crypto Dreams must be Hedged with Gold or you were strong enough not to get on Bitcoin Crypto drugs. 


Take heart & stay strong, if we met only now. It's a war for you now. Stay cool, but start thinking."

It is utterly disgusting to watch how green Crypto dragons cringed overnight and turned out to be just noisy dragonflies. Now they are trying to have their own last supper feasting on the helpless prey. "Pump and Dump Boiler Rooms" in Vancouver had more style in their heyday. I do apologise one more time:

"For your personal risk management, two very simple things are very important to understand. The first one, the whales with laser eyes who are pumping up and selling Bitcoin to you today at $50,000 will be fine even if Bitcoin will crash tomorrow to $25,000 and will never come back. 

They will be more than fine if they really "bought it at $1." You will lose half of your capital. And second, Elon Musk can lose $40 Billion dollars after his bitcoin adventure with Tesla, he will be fine.


Not a lot of young revolutionaries who are fighting FED on the dark web blockchains will ever recover after losing $40,000. Never forget it and trade accordingly, just do not call it an investment.

The potential realisation by the herd that if you do not know who is "the sucker" at the Bitcoin poker table - it is you, can bring the overnight Catalyst for the Gold market.



And, please, never forget that Big Brothers and their FED hate competition and can let play you in revolutionaries for a while, but nobody is allowed to challenge "the right given by God" to "the right and chosen people" to mint the FIAT currency of any sorts."


Crypto dragonflies have crossed all lines now. Even Wall Street and Bubble TV can pass ESG certification comparing to this extermination of the whole generation. The Crypto Slaughterhouse.

Now back to Dragons. They are real and they are made of pure Gold in China. And "The Art of War" was perfected there as well. Always respect your friends, but never disrespect those who are not trying to befriend you on your Facebook. Read more


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