Sunday 26 July 2020

Gold Breaks $1,900 On Its Way To The New All-time High - Investors Are Coming Back Home To The Gold In The USA, Alaskan Elephant Country.

Gold breaks $1,900 on its way to the new all-time high in US Dollars this time. We have seen nothing yet. This young Bull only now starts kicking US Dollar down the hill. 

Chart by @Northst18363337

Brave Robinhood crowd is blissfully ignorant and chasing NASDAQ, insolvent companies and bankrupt ideas. Gold share in the global equity portfolios remains very low and increasing this allocation even just to 1% will bring a lot of fireworks before New Eve this year. 

Goldman Sachs and UBS have positioned their super-wealthy clients into Gold a long time ago, now old Swiss banks are talking openly their books. 

As always, do your own research and here you can find a lot of information for your homework. Gold is beating Warren Buffett's performance in the 21st Century. 

I would like to do the magic again and apply Warren Buffett's best principals to the building of TNR Gold - Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company. I own a very big part of this business now and with other insiders, our Company is very tightly held. 

I am not looking for the signs how to trade, but rather building our business to meet this coming tsunami of freshly printed money from the QE flood which was unleashed by the FED

Chart by @HedgehogTrader

Today I would like to share with your particularly interesting charts and valuation metrics, which can show you why I am increasing my personal stake in the Company at every opportunity I have. Your further research of our Shotgun Gold project can provide you with some ideas why NovaGold is holding a stake in TNR Gold and has been increasing it after 50% of Shotgun Gold project was bought by our Company from NovaGold. 

As Thomas Kaplan, Chairman of NovaGold, said recently: "Investors are coming back home". Gold is the ultimate hedge and Alaska provides the safe mining jurisdiction where you can keep your rewards after very hard work.

NorthStar gives us his brilliant charts to navigate the stormy waters and we can have a look at the big picture for Gold by cutting all the trading noise. 

Chart by @Northst18363337

The Perfect Storm for Gold is here, FED QE tsunami warning is on our streets. Breaking out above $1,900 to the new all-time high will bring more interest to Gold from the investors who are only now waking up that Gold is UP and moving much higher.

Chart by @Northst18363337

Rising Gold prices are driving the margins of the best Gold mining companies, they quite literally start printing money with their profits. The best Gold mining companies become wealth generators. 

"The market is buying into the higher sustained Gold prices. What do you think that price per ounce in the ground is doing? Its valuation is rising exponentially. I am using mentally a $100 per Au Oz in the ground." - Eric Sprott recently provided us with his unique insights into the major drivers of M&A activity in the Gold market. Do your own research, buckle up and enjoy the ride! Stay safe. 

Chart by @RonaldS_AuCu

Gold In The USA, The Alaskan Elephant Country: TNR Gold Shotgun Gold Project Presentation.

The times in which we find ourselves bring the mining industry face to face with some particular challenges, but it is within which lies the opportunity of embracing gold’s unique value through which it reminds us of its ultimate purpose; its solid, dependable reliability throughout uncertain times that makes it such an ultimate hedge. TNR Gold’s strategy with the Shotgun Gold Project is to attract a partnership with one of the major gold mining companies. The Company is actively introducing the project to interested parties,” commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR. “We may be at the beginning of a great discovery. There is a clear path on how to move this project forward using the geological and geophysical research currently available to target drilling to expand the resource and form the basis of a preliminary economic analysis. The next step is to acquire a partner that shares our vision and recognizes the growth potential and value to be added to the Shotgun project over time.”

Kirill Klip continued, “We are building the green energy metals and gold company. Energy rEVolution requires secure supply lines of the critical strategic metals like copper and lithium. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to integrate our company into the international capital markets and mining industry in order to accelerate the development of Shotgun Gold Project and extend our royalty portfolio in Green Energy Metals, potentially adding to our core royalty holdings on the Los Azules Copper Project with McEwen Mining and the Mariana Lithium Project under the management of Ganfeng Lithium.”

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Gold In The USA, Alaskan Elephant Country. Eric Sprott: "The Market Is Buying Into The Higher Sustained Gold Prices. What Do You Think That Price Per Ounce In The Ground Is Doing? I Am Using Mentally A $100 Per Au Oz In The Ground."

Gold is surging higher breaking $1,850 today after a Silver breakout to $23 dollars mark. The Perfect Storm is here and QE tsunami is reaching Gold and Silver markets. Even Dr Copper is driving in his new Tesla in ludicrous mode up the hill as well now. Eric Sprott is talking in his podcasts about the enormous leverage provided by the higher Gold prices for Gold Miners and how he is applying valuations per ounce of Gold resource in the ground at this stage of the market. 

His latest podcast deserves your careful attention, particularly his brilliant explanation of the investment dynamic driving the new Gold M&A wave. Mr Market is valuing much higher every Au Oz which is produced by majors like Barrick Gold than when it is produced by any other miners. 

Basically, any acquisition by giants like Barrick Gold gives them immediate market value boost by just applying this new much higher valuation to the same amount of Au Oz as before but which is produced now under Barrick Gold brand. This process will be driving all Gold M&A valuations much higher. 

Eric Sprott: "The market is buying into the higher sustained Gold prices. What do you think that price per ounce in the ground is doing? Its valuation is rising exponentially. I am using mentally USD $100 per Au Oz of resource in the ground now." 

All projects are different and resources in the ground as well, but the most important for all junior miners valuation benchmark is moving up and it is moving fast. Now other major players will be listening to Eric Sprott as well in order to stay on the top of the game. We are facing Peak Gold Production.

This QE tide is finally reaching all junior miners and below you can find for your own research more information on TNR Gold and our Shotgun Gold project in the Alaskan Elephant Country

All our devoted followers had a great chance to meditate on the Story and make their own research. The bravest ones could even spot the generational opportunity and Mr Market Time Machine in action:

"It is very important at this stage to articulate our vision and get us in the company with the right people. We are getting there. In every investment, the entry point will define the ultimate outcome. This young Gold Bull market and our assets can represent this unique entry point. Sometimes the perceived risk can reduce the valuation to the point when upside can be generated just by the very small amount of liquidity coming in and replacing the last forced motivated sellers. What can happen on another side - when liquidity is driving assets prices and upward momentum mascarade the increasing risk - we have all already learned by now again."

With Gold rising above $1,800 on its way to the new all-time highs in US Dollars this time, fireworks can continue even after the 4th of July this year. Eric Sprott is talking in his latest podcast about the majority of investors "who are waking up only now to the fact that Gold is UP" and that he is calculating now "USD $50 per Au Oz in the ground of resources". Buckle up, do your own research, and enjoy the ride. We are getting there.


Gold In The USA, Alaskan Elephant Country. Eric Sprott: "The Market Is Buying Into The Higher Sustained Gold Prices. What Do You Think That Price Per Ounce In The Ground Is Doing?"

Chart by @Schuldensuehner

Gold kicked off $1,800 door wide open this week on its way to the new all-time high in US Dollars this time. More investors are waking up and gold miners are enjoying the rising tide of liquidity. The tsunami is coming. Gold is the ultimate hedge and provides solid values during uncertain times in this Perfect Storm.

Eric Sprott in one of his latest podcasts is talking about his two very important personal observations for us here. He thinks that "The market is buying into the higher sustained Gold prices". Basically, the majority of investors are waking up to the fact that the Gold is up only now. And the valuations for the ounce of Gold resources in the ground are rising exponentially: "Now people pay for that resource... We've put $500 dollars on Gold price since we've used $50 per Au Oz in the ground (of resource)." 

It seems now that Eric has invested in every junior miner he can find with a more or less interesting story and his opinion will matter for all other investors looking for the Next Big Thing Eric Sprott may buy one day.

This week Eric Sprott is talking more about the value of metals in the ground, the expanding margins for Gold miners, and his love for "large lower grade ore bodies". He explains the Gold mining economics 101 and how large bulk tonnage systems with relatively lower grades can provide the most leverage with the rising Gold prices. 

"The difference in the value of Au Oz in the ground today is very, very dramatic. Because Gold pice is at $1,810 now and added an extra $560 from the level of $1,250. The market has not adapted to it yet."

We are ready at TNR Gold for this Mr Market Gold price and projects discovery process to unfold with our Shotgun Gold Project in Alaska and on the links below you can find a lot of information for your own research:

With Gold rising above $1,800 on its way to the new all-time highs in US Dollars this time, fireworks can continue even after the 4th of July this year. Eric Sprott is talking in his latest podcast about the majority of investors "who are waking up only now to the fact that Gold is UP" and that he is calculating now "USD $50 per Au Oz in the ground of resources". Buckle up, do your own research, and enjoy the ride. We are getting there.


Sunday 19 July 2020

TNR Gold Royalty Holding On Los Azules Copper Project With McEwen Mining: Tesla Drives Copper Into Golden Cross Supercharged By The Infrastructure Plan Dreams.

Chart by @Schuldensuehner

Dr Copper is driving up the hill in "ludicrous mode" after doing donuts in his brand new Tesla. Anyone can get really excited after reading all headlines about new EVs and "Infrastructure Stimulus Plan". If Robinhood traders can spell Copper one day, it can go totally nuts and start chasing the performance of its shiny brother Gold. 

Can you imagine how many Copper doorknobs we need to fight this CoronaVirus? Copper becomes Gold during the electrification of $12 Trillion industries of Energy and Transportation. Very respectable people are talking about Golden Cross Long Term Buy Signal for the red metal which is going green during Energy rEVolution. 

Chart by @sentimentrader

Anna Golubova from Kitco provides us with BMO observations about the recent state of the Copper industry and confirms our brave investment thesis. We will need Copper. We will need a lot of it. 

As always, it is very important who is talking about Copper now. Barrick Gold is "on the hunt for strategic Copper". And Trafigura is talking now about the surge in global Copper demand during Green rEVolution.

China is coming back online and driving prices up already on the demand spike while restocking its supply chain. "China sees a surge in Copper imports," according to Bloomberg.

And it is harder and harder to get new giant Copper mines into production in order to address the coming "Severe Deficit" as Goldman Sachs calls it. The new great Copper discoveries are coming only a few and far between, according to S&P

Major producing mines are more than 70 years old. Industry head grades are going down and, in general, the Copper industry was build by our great-grandfathers. After the Perfect Storm in Gold, the QE tsunami is coming to the Copper market. 

Two major megatrends are colliding and will produce real fireworks for strategic commodities. Energy Transition with the electrification of $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation Industries meets Copper industry which was built in the last century. 

The best medicine from low prices is low price. Price shocks are imminent. Nobody will be building new giant copper mines with Copper priced below USD $3/lb. The best projects which are ready for further development will get proper industry attention first

Now you can better appreciate the magnitude of the potential investment opportunity with the giant Los Azules Copper project development by McEwen Mining. TNR Gold holds NSR Royalty on the entire Los Azules Project and below you can find a lot of information for your further research.

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

"TNR also holds a 0.36% NSR on the Los Azules Copper Project, located in San Juan Province of Argentina. The Los Azules Project is owned 100% by McEwen Mining Inc (NYSE:MUX) and is expected to be the 26th largest copper mine in the world once it reaches production. 
A PEA at the project completed in September 2017, demonstrated a post-tax NPV8 of US$2.2bn with a post-tax IRR of 20.1%. Based on the PEA figures the mine is expected to generate average revenue per annum of U$953mln, which could generate around US$3.5mln a year to TNR over 37 years."

Now investors can do their own research and start putting the different pieces into their own valuation puzzle. Rob McEwen has prepared Los Azules to the potential major JV deal in the copper space. 

Agreements between Argentina and Chile are signed in order to advance the Los Azules project and the new road is being under feasibility study. The new approach by Rob McEwen which he has articulated in order to jump-start the development is making a huge difference for any potential partners:

"McEwen Mining conference call, Robert McEwen -- Chairman and Chief Owner
Happy to. We had past discussions with a senior base metal producer. What we were looking for was recovering part of the cash we put in. We were looking for $100 million upfront that the partner would advance the project to feasibility and then into production and we would continue with an interest of 20% or 25% of the property going forward."

Needless to say that any potential deal will bring the new valuation drivers for all parties involved: McEwen Mining and TNR Goldas the project will be moving into the feasibility and construction stage. Development of Los Azules will provide enormous economic benefits for San Juan, which is ready to support this kind of responsible mining business for the benefit of proud people of Argentina. I have been calling Argentina the potential Energy Power House for many years, it can finally coming all together now."


Copper market to tighten further -- BMO

"(Kitco News) Copper concentrate market looks to tighten further this year, according to BMO. “With [Chile] now having one of the worst COVID-19 infection rates in the world and thousands of cases across the domestic mining industry, pressure from mining unions and politicians alike for mining companies to curtail operations is rising. The construction of a number of key projects has already being suspended, while the risks of further curtailments to operating mines is rising, increasing the potential for medium-term disappointment in Chilean output levels in our view,” writes BMO Capital Markets head of commodities research Colin Hamilton. Plus, with additional disruptions in Peru, Zambia and Mexico already making an impact, “the copper concentrate market looks set to tighten further as evidenced by falling TCRCs, while we now estimate the refined copper market in to be near balanced this year, with the risk of a deficit growing,” Hamilton says. At the same time, demand is picking up. “Further evidence of the strength in Chinese copper demand came from SMM’s latest survey of wire and cable fabricators, which showed operating rates at 103.3%. This is another new record level … We see Chinese copper demand in Q2 as having risen ~4% y/y,” Hamilton points out."

Saturday 18 July 2020

TNR Gold Royalty Holding On Mariana Lithium Project Operated By Ganfeng: Lithium Resource Increased By More Than 250%, "USD $25 Million Budget Is Proposed For 2020".

Tesla has electrocuted shorts and now provided a near-death experience to all legacy automakers. The message is crystal clear: change or die all together with the ICE Age. All automakers are rushing to build up "the next Tesla killer", but nobody can really compete or come even close to the technology developed by Elon Musk and his very talented team at Tesla. 

Tesla Battery Day on September 22, 2020, promises announcement of a new breakthrough battery technology which can become "a million-mile battery"  that can bring the cost parity with ICE cars. We are moving in the fast lane towards the end of the ICE Age. Fisker is going public with his new electric car after $50 million dollars raise and reverse takeover which expected to bring $1 billion dollars to start production. Rivian, backed by Amazon and Ford, raised $2.5 billion dollars. One by one electric cars makers are launching their stocks "to the moon", sometimes even without any electric cars being in production yet. 

People are ready for The Switch, millions are switching from cancer hazard polluting "Clean DIEsel" and "Not so dirty Gas" cars to EVs. Mr Market will separate, as always, flies from hamburgers and a lot of people on Robinhood from their money, but do not miss the real tectonic shift. The World Just Before The Internet. We are going electric. A few megatrends are colliding and will produce real fireworks for the strategic commodities.

The Global Village is finished, globalisation is over. Painful reality check, after this wave of the pandemic will be closer to being controlled, will reveal that a lot of things will never be the same. This Switch will require new secure supply lines for strategic metals for this Energy Transition: Copper and Lithium. Dr Copper has been already celebrating electrification and the coming mass market for EVs by driving up the hill in his Tesla after reading all headlines about infrastructure stimulus

Master Lithium is still going through its teenager hangover after too much parting was done too soon. Change of mood is typical for all advanced chemistry products. A lot of speculative capital which was before allocated to junior mining space went up in smoke quite literally.

The noise of printing presses is still louder now than the heavy machinery buzz. The coming QE Tsunami is lifting the superyachts first and cargo ships will be the next. The smart money is getting into the real control step by step. 

$12 Trillion industries of Energy and Transportation will depend on $3 billion Lithium market more and more. At the moment the Lithium market seems to be totally separated from all excitement and electricity in the air intoxicating the happy Robinhood crowd which is chasing bankrupt ideas and insolvent companies. "Opaque Lithium Kingdom" is still under consolidation. Strongest companies are getting stronger and picking up pieces of all other companies and the best projects they can find on their terms. 

All weak players will be wiped out. Ganfeng Lithium is marching on building their own global Lithium raw material resources empire. Ganfeng's 100% ownership of Mariana Lithium is now closer with "Proposed budget 2020: US $25M" when the other JV partner "has decided to temporarily cease to make contributions to the Mariana Joint Venture" again. 

Now you can better appreciate the real magnitude of Mariana Lithium Project after the increase in Lithium resources of more than 250%. I am very pleased to see that this new proposed very significant budget will be moving the project into the next stage of the development. In their 2019 Annual Report, Ganfeng Lithium published: "The feasibility study on Mariana Lithium was completed in 2019, and environmental assessment and construction of the project are planned to be conducted". 

TNR Gold is plugged into Tesla Energy rEVolution with our Royalty Holding on Mariana Lithium Project. We do not have to contribute any capital for the development of Mariana and our NSR Royalty does not depend on the size of ILC's potentially further diluted ownership in the Mariana Lithium Project. Below you can find more information for your own research on this generational investment opportunity:

"Super-smart" banksters can understand even Mandarin as long as it is about "getting rich quick dirty ways to make money". But history will be the judge, as always, in this case as well after all legal lyrics are written and all guitar solos are recorded. The Rock n Roll time is here, Lithium Royalty payday is coming."

TNR Gold Royalty Holding On Mariana Lithium Project Operated By Ganfeng: "Tesla, Terafactories And Lithium - The Race To Secure The Supply Chain".

We have been discussing here for quite a while the ongoing Tesla Energy rEVolution and exponential growth of sales for electric cars. The secure supply lines for this rEVolution are starting with the production of Lithium raw materials by the Lithium mining industry. Even before the CoronaVirus pandemic, Lithium industry was starving for capital available for its development. 

Now we have to make an enormous jump from just over 300,000 T of LCE produced in the last year to the required over 1 million T of LCE production annually by 2026. Even some major Lithium companies, like Tanqi Lithium from China, are struggling to deal with debt. 

Others, like Orocobre, have been battling technical problems ramping up production of battery-grade Lithium for years and now are facing even more trouble with the falling prices for its products. Junior miners are fighting for survival. Not everybody will be able to cross this desert, only the strongest Lithium companies will make it. And the so much needed capital will not be the only obstacle in order to build the secure supply chains of this strategic commodity. Lithium industry is riddled with technical problems and other challenges. 

Today you can have another perspective on the ongoing trends in the Lithium industry from this YouTube video produced by "EV Stock Channel". Howard Klein is diving deep into the lithium market and spelling out the internal drivers and dynamics of the Lithium supply chains. Digging through a lot of technical details you can start to appreciate the challenges all major players are facing now in order to meet the exponentially growing Lithium demand. Howard is talking about Lithium demand growing to 2 million T of LCE annual production by 2030. 

It means that we have to accelerate the output from the recent level of production by almost 7 times in a short 9 years. Typical Lithium mine can easily take 5-7 years just to develop it if you have resources and capital available. 

Listening to all the technical problems related to Lithium industry - starting with available capital and continued with numerous technical challenges which are unique to every project - you can better understand the leading role of the companies like giant Ganfeng Lithium from China. 

Ganfeng Lithium is one of the major "Top Lithium 5" in the world who has secured capital, developed technology and is building its own resource base all over the world to meet this exponential Lithium demand. As a testament to the leading position in the market, they have already secured Lithium supply deals with Tesla, Volkswagen and BMW

It looks like Ganfeng Lithium even managed to shake of the CoronaVirus fever and resumed its uptrend already as well. From the very early days, Ganfeng Lithium was taking strategic steps in order to build up its own Lithium raw materials base. 

The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company is plugged into the Tesla Energy rEVolution with our unique business model. We do not have to contribute any capital to the development of this project. Analysts, like Dr Ryan D Long, are already applying some of their valuations to our Royalty Holdings

Now the world is waking up to the realities of the post-pandemic economy and cheap Lithium batteries change everything. Electric cars are already cheaper to own than comparable ICE models. The ICE Age Is Over. Electric cars are better and will be cheaper to buy as well very soon. We have The World Just Before The Internet - we are entering the mass market for electric cars. This kind of unique investment opportunities comes once a generation. 

Lithium Will Power Us For The Next 50 Years And Then Robots: Kirill Klip GEM Royalty TNR Gold Lithium Presentation May 2020.

"Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of the Company commented, “We are very pleased to see this more than 250% increase in measured and indicated resources from the 2017 resource estimate at Mariana and that Ganfeng Lithium is advancing this project in Argentina towards further updated PEA and pre-feasibility studies. The Mariana Project preliminary economic assessment (“PEA”), as announced in our news release of January 28, 2019, was the first PEA on the project that provided a potential value for the total NSR Royalty from Mariana’s life of mine cashflow. TNR Gold does not have to contribute any capital for development of Mariana and our NSR Royalty does not depend on the size of ILC’s potentially diluted ownership in the Mariana Project. The 1.8% Mariana NSR Royalty is an important part of TNR Gold’s portfolio. The essence of our business model is to have industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium as operators on the projects that will potentially generate royalty cashflows to contribute significant value for our shareholders.”

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.