Saturday 15 October 2022

TNR Gold Royalty Holding: "Ganfeng Lithium's Mariana Project, Which Began Construction Last June, Will Start Producing in 2024 an Estimated 20 Thousand Tons Per Year of Lithium Chloride"

We have a very important confirmation for all TNR Gold shareholders from Salta, Argentina. According to the publication of Cronica del NOA about the meeting between Ganfeng Lithium and the Governor of Salta Gustavo Saenz: "The Mariana project, which began construction last June, will start producing in 2024 an estimated 20 thousand tons per year of Lithium Chloride".

Ganfeng is increasing its commitment to Salta by acquiring additional Lithium projects and they are talking now about the plans for a total production of 45,000 T of LCE by 2025 in the province. Mariana Lithium Project is on track to start producing an estimated 20,000 T per year of Lithium Chloride in 2024. Ganfeng is investing US$600 million in Mariana Lithium Project including the processing plant in General Guemes.

Production facilities at Mariana Lithium will be powered by the 150MW Solar Farm, which is taking Ganfeng to a new level of the most advanced industry practices through its integration into the landscape of the latest Lithium mining and processing technologies powered by Renewable Energy in Argentina.

Lithium prices are hitting new all-time highs in China again this year after a brief consolidation. The future valuation of TNR Gold NSR Royalty on Mariana Lithium will depend on the Lithium price and the amount of production by these facilities. 

For all TNR Gold shareholders, the following chart from the Ganfeng Lithium presentation is particularly important. The production facilities of 20,000 T of Lithium Chloride per year are called "Phase 1". 

TNR Gold is plugged into Tesla Energy rEVolution with our Royalty Holdings on the Mariana Lithium Project with Ganfeng Lithium. I consider my personal investment in TNR Gold, as a unique entry point into the state-of-the-art vertically integrated lithium business being built by Ganfeng Lithium for the 21st century. 

We are building The Green Energy Royalty and Gold Company and participating in the creation of secure supply lines feeding The Switch and Tesla Energy rEVolution.

On my blog following the links below, you can find more information about TNR Gold Corp. and our Royalty Holdings. Do your own research, read all disclaimers, as usual, stay safe and prosper. Join rEVolution!

Cronica del NOA:

Ganfeng advances for 45 thousand tons of lithium in Salta

"The Chinese company confirmed the purchase of the PPG project.

Ganfeng officials met with Saenz and his officials last Thursday.

Representatives of Ganfeng Lithium confirmed to Governor Gustavo Sáenz that in the beginning of the week the Chinese company will finalize the acquisition of the Pozuelo Pastos Grandes (PPG) lithium project, for 926 million dollars, from Pluspetrol. Thus, the eastern company will add to its administration the second litter field in the Puna of Salta, together with the Mariana project. Between the two, it will be able to produce 45 thousand tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) per year by 2025.

As announced by the businessmen, the PPG mine, which has a capacity of 25,000 tons of LCE according to technical reports, would start production in 2025. While the Mariana project, which began construction last June, will start producing in 2024 an estimated 20 thousand tons per year of Lithium Chloride. US$600 million are being invested in this deposit, which includes a processing plant in General Güemes.

Ganfeng directors met with the president of Salta last Thursday.

"We want Salta to be a worldwide example of sustainable development, which is why the provincial government will continue to accompany all those who want to invest, with the greatest guarantees of security, predictability and clear rules," said Sáenz on the occasion.

For his part, the vice president of Ganfeng Lithium, Xiaoshen Wang, thanked "the support of the Government" and highlighted the progress of the different projects carried out by the company in Salta.

«The company estimates to enter production in 2025 and we are firm with our investment plans. Now we have added the Pozuelos Pastos Grandes project, which is integrated into the planned production plans », he said.

"We have chosen Salta to deploy the investments for its resources and for the support provided by the Government, which is pro-investment," he added.

The Secretary of Mining and Energy of the Province, Romina Sassarini, was at the meeting. She expressed: "There is a lot of interest in investing in Salta, because the province offers clear rules of the game, legal certainty and predictability."

“Businessmen are also aware of the qualification obtained by the Fraser Institute of Canada, which places Salta among one of the best destinations with public policies to invest, as long as the projects are carried out in a framework of respect for the communities of the Puna. and the environment," he concluded." (Translated by Google)

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