Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lithium Race: BMW Building BMW i5 / i7 To Target Tesla Model S.

  Our Electric Cars space is getting crowded these days and we have another great news for our industry, this time from BMW. Now we can talk about serious competition in the EVs space. It will bring better lithium technology and drive the prices of the lithium batteries down. Tesla Model III, GM Bolt and newcomers from Foxconn and Boston-Power will launch the mass market for Electric Cars.  We are very excited with all recent news at International Lithium. We are finalising our next stage exploration in Ireland and Argentina with Ganfeng Lithium now. 

"The Tesla Model S remains the undisputed king of electric cars at the moment primarily because it’s the only real car that is entirely electric. But that will change soon, and BMW will be among those seeking inroads into Tesla’s empire.
Car Magazine BMW’s vector for those inroads will be badged either i5 or i7, and aimed squarely at the Model S. Using 5-Series architecture and electric propulsion, the i5/i7/or whatever it will be called should be able to mate proven luxury accommodations, excellent vehicle dynamics, and, if properly executed, a seriously competitive electric drivetrain."

Is Electric iCar Finally Coming From Apple?

  There are a lot of rumours flying around the silicon valley about the potential development of Apple iCar again. GM Bolt and Tesla Model III are prepping the mass market for electric cars with 200 miles range EV around $30k price tag. Foxconn - the manufacture of Apple iPhones and iPads is investing hundreds of millions into EV building facilities in China now. Apple will be in a very good company. It is the real chance the change the world, make it the better place and bring out another revolutionary product, Steve Jobs has dreamt about. Read more."

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