Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Jim Grant: It's Clear Why Gold Should Be Better.

"Gold Stock Analysts' keynote speaker is Jim Grant and Kitco News sits with the interest rate guru himself to see how he sees central bankers affecting gold prices this year. "My hunch is that [the Fed] will be very slow to raise its rate," he says, adding that it will prove to be difficult for the central bank this year. "I think central banks are mainly marching to the same beat of the same drummer. The drummer is of radical intervention," he says. Looking to gold prices, Grant says he is frustrated because he sees "clearly why gold ought to be doing better." He says he can't imagine how anyone can have confidence in the current doctrines of central bankers. "It seems to me that the world will eventually see that these policies are non-starters, or if they are starting they won't end well...that for me is a simple case for gold." Kitco News, February 23, 2015."

At Least Ten Banks Face U.S. Manipulation Probe Over Gold and Silver Pricing.

   We have the breaking news for the all Gold community. Another conspiracy theory is getting under the spotlight on its way to the courtrooms. But can we actually believe that it will be different this time? Manipulation is part of the system and Central Banks are doing it all the time, will public even take notice? Gold manipulation affects all investors as the scale  of FIAT currency debasement is hidden from the public. Needless to say, that when all Central banks are involved in Currency Wars Gold should act as the real store of value in the normal market circumstances. Companies like us are affected as well, when the suppressed gold price reduce the valuations of the projects and prevents us from normal access to the capital. FED is walking the very fine line now with the economy and if the rate hike will not match the investors' expectations US Dollar parabolic move will end with the sharp correction.  This investigation should bring the new dynamic to the Gold market now. Read more."

Who Is Manipulating The Gold Market And Why?

  "Gold is under pressure today and sliding from $1,300 level reached last week towards $1,250. Good day to check on Gold fundamentals with Chris Martenson and Gold manipulation with Chris Powell from GATA. The key to the Bull market is price action with higher lows and higher highs ... Gold is making it so far from last December. How long the manipulation by Central Banks can take its place and distort all markets and Gold primarily? China can be the answer and Jim Rickards even goes as far as suggesting that China is benefiting from this arranged manipulation accumulating all available Gold now. I do not know whether China participate in this manipulation with FED and other Central Banks, but it is definitely buying all the dips so far! Read more."

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