Sunday, 15 February 2015

Race To The Trillion Market Cap - Apple’s Next Big Thing Might Be An Electric iCar.


   Now Apple with The Trillion Market Cap is a given ... at some time, even if iCar will never see the light of the day. All markets are high on lithium and these developments will ignite speculation even more. I wish that it is true, as Electric iCar from Apple will be the game changer for our industry. Apple has capital, talent and brand power to bring us all EVs as the fashionable attribute first and as mass market later. Tesla Motors is great and Elon Musk belongs to the history books already, but put Apple seriously in the picture and all auto-industry will be transformed forever.

  This video provides a good compilation of the latest headlines about Apple Electric iCar. Below you can find out more about the lithium battery technology powering EVs and find the links to the previous entries on the groundbreaking news about Apple iCar.

The Lithium Battery War: America's Team In The Battle To Own The Future.

"Apple's Titan project, reported by WSJ now, to build Electric iCar brings new attention to our EV industry. Electric cars are considered the strategic industry in China already and lithium battery technology development is the key to the success of electric cars. Tesla Motors demonstrates this technology in action. I do hope that we will all win in this war - new cheaper and better lithium batteries will bring us the mass market in electric cars. It is not all about oil, it is about the air we and our kinds breathe. The stakes are very high in this lithium race. Now you can get a glimpse into the technological race behind the labs' doors all around the world. Read more."

Lithium High: CNET Apple Byte - Apple's Next Big Thing ... The Apple Car?

 CNET adds gas to the fire with its report on Apple Car. We have more evidence from the ground in silicon valley in the report from Business Insider. This development will bee too big to hide and I expect more information coming out in the nearest future. If Boston-Power and Foxconn can produce Electric Cars, why can't Apple? It will change our Lithium industry landscape overnight. Apple's brand power will sell the idea of electric iCar as no one else. Read more."

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