Sunday, 1 February 2015

Powered By Lithium: Test Driving Harley-Davidson's First Electric Motorcycle.

  It is time for an update on Harley-Davidson LiveWire. The electric motorcycle goes on a tour all around the world this year. It will be the great ambassador for the new lithium empowered technology in 21 century.

Powered By Lithium: Harley-Davidson Goes Electric - This Is Not A Joke!


   "If Lithium Technology could cut through to the bikers hearts one day, than it will definitely cut to the middle aged investment bankers wallets. Now a good business will be the iPhone App with the "Harley Rev". How to synchronise it via Bluetooth with all other people around you to make them enjoy your  loud freedom will be another task. But hey, after that we will have a serious danger that Electric Bikes will spread like a fire. It is not "Tampon On Wheels" by any means. Now all Iron Men can be Wild Responsibly. Read more."

Boston-Power Aims to Rival Tesla With Gigawatt Lithium Battery Factories.

"Eric Wesoff reports on very interesting development in China. Boston Power is building its own Megafactory to produce lithium batteries and even the super cheap urban EV for ... $8,000. It will be the game changer for the booming market for EVs in Chinawhere EV sales are up 320% last year. We have discussed LG Chem Megafactory before and now you can appreciate more recent move of our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium. China is building very fast its new strategic industry - electric cars. International Lithium is the part of the vertically integrated Lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium in China."

Milwaukee Business Journal: 

Will Harley-Davidson go electric? Execs 'confident' LiveWire will move forward

Tom Held

"The Project LiveWire testing tour that included 30 dealerships and 6,800 demo rides built confidence among Harley-Davidson Inc. executives that the company will one day produce an electric motorcycle, but the time frame for moving from prototype to production remains uncertain.  
The technology for a motorcycle that replaces the Road Glide rumble with a jet-engine-like wail needs to improve, particularly in the battery capacity to extend the range beyond the current 50 miles, Matthew Levatich, president and chief operating officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Co. said in a phone interview that followed release of Harley's 2014 earnings on Thursday. 
Pursuit of Project LiveWire will continue in 2015, on a global path to show off the bike in Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia, and gather even more rider feedback."