Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rob McEwen: Los Azules Copper - "The Glimmer of Hope for Argentina."


  Rob McEwen was presenting at BMO Capital Markets conference this week. It is the very interesting presentation and you can find it on the McEwen Mining website. The most interesting for TNR Gold was his comment on the recent situation in Argentina. He sees "the glimmer of hope" with the coming elections in October later this year: "Producers are making their enquiries about the Los Azules Copper project and one of them is on the property now."
  Please read carefully my legal disclosure and do not get very excited or make any investment decisions based on this public information from Rob McEwen. I personally think, that it is the very encouraging update from Rob on Los Azules Copper status. His view on Argentina and the changing mining landscape confirms the Yamana Gold and Goldcorp news we have discussed before. There is a long way from the any visit on the property to the signed contract, but magnitude of Los Azules Copper will speak for itself one day - you can find more information on TNR Gold website. Higher copper prices will be the catalyst here and today's news from China has ignited 2% rally in very oversold Copper. We will see soon whether it becomes the sustainable trend. As Rob has mentioned: "This is the time to look at valuations for the best projects."

TNR Gold Receives Royalty From McEwen Mining On "One Of The Largest Undeveloped Copper Projects".

Goldcorp: Confident In Argentina; Eyeing Free Cash Flow – Chuck Jeannes.

Argentina is coming back to radar screens now, elections this coming Fall will bring the new catalyst. Now Goldcorp is talking about its investments in the country. Chuck Jeannes tale about The Peak Gold  in 2015 as well now. Read more."

Los Azules Copper: "Argentina's Mining Landscape Improving, Cerro Morro A Go – Yamana CEO."

 "More and more good news are coming from Argentina these days. Country will face elections this year and smart money are already positioning themselves in the best undervalued projects. Nothing should be taken as an investment advise on this blog, please always do your own DD and read my full disclosure. 
  TNR Gold is very fortunate to have McEwen Mining as its partner at the world-class Los Azules Copper project. With lower copper prices and perception of the investment risk in Argentina all valuations were driven into the ground. The return to the mean could be potentially dramatic as well. Gold Corp will put its new mine into production in Argentina this month, Yamana is moving forward with Cerro Morro and China is solidly on the track to secure supply of commodities from Latin America. I do not know when, but Los Azules Copper will be back on the radar screens of the investors one day and its fundamentals will speak for themselves.
  Now you can more appreciate the step by step approach in the development of Mariana Lihium by our J/V with top Lithium producer from China - Ganfeng Lithium. Please stay tuned for the update on our next phase development programmes. You can check more information on the links provided below and in our latest presentations on this blog. Please always consult you financial adviser before making any financial decisions, all latest financial information for TNR Gold and International Lithium can be found in the SEDAR filings and websites of the companies. Read more."

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