Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Frank Holmes: What Is Next For Gold And Gold Miners?

"Kitco News speaks with US Global’s Frank Holmes to see how he sees gold set up following Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX. Holmes says when looking at gold as a currency, it has performed “exceptionally well” however, he does think gold stocks are in need of a reversal. “Statistically speaking, gold stocks are so depressed,” he says. “Falling energy prices and weak country currencies…where gold is being produced is a huge windfall for many of these gold mining companies,” he adds. Holmes says that several factors are supporting gold prices right now including its safe haven appeal, but also negative real interest rates and Europe. “[N]egative real interest rates economically create uncertainty and the geopolitics of Europe creates another uncertainty, so gold definitely becomes the reasonable place to put capital.” Tune in now to hear his touchdown Super Bowl pass of the week. Kitco News, February 2, 2014."

China Buys 202 t of Gold in 3 weeks - Koos Jansen: SGE Withdrawals Week 3, 2015: 71 tonnes!

  "We have a nice short squeeze today in the gold market and Gold is marching back towards $1,300 threshold after being smashed this week. U.S. GDP for Q4 came below expectations at 2.6% and there are more and more talks about the strong dollar killing export and corporate earnings. The upbeat on economy FED can face a very different reality after the Oil crash will make its way throughout the system with massive layoffs, cuts on CAPEX and even ... stop of shares buybacks.
  Meanwhile Koos Jansen reports that in China people are buying Gold in record amounts, every dip in price is being bought literally and first 3 weeks in 2015 have seen 202 t of Gold withdrawn from SGE.
  Miners start to move up again and NOVAGOLD is quite on fire after its positive news from Alaska, hopefully our Shotgun Project will get the proper attention with gold breaking above $1,300."

Alaska - NOVAGOLD Marks 2014 by Reaching Important 

Milestones in Advancing Permitting of Donlin Gold.

  We have another positive release from NOVAGOLD for Gold mining in Alaska. Now the Gold price above $1,300 should bring interest back to this safe mining jurisdiction and TNR Gold Shotgun Gold project.

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project Fact Sheet January 2015.