Monday, 19 January 2015

Lithium Race - Fast Lane Daily: 2015 BMW i8 Review.

  We need as many electric cars as we can get. It is not an EV for the mass market by any means. But BMW i8 will be the great head-turner and BMW serious involvement with BMW i3 in electric cars is very important. Further collaboration of BMW with Tesla could be very interesting. Elon Musk's enthusiastic report on the potential cooperation was later cooled down by BMW, but you never really know what is going behind the scenes. Lithium battery and Charging technologies could be the place for cooperation and Elon Musk was even talking about the Gigafactory in Europe.

Tesla Says In Talks With BMW. Musk Expects Battery Production Plant In Germany in 5 - 6 years.


  "We have very interesting news from Germany over this weekend. Now we can put Elon Musk's talk about hundreds of Gigafactories into perspective. Read more."

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