Thursday, 8 January 2015

Next Meltdown: Oil Crash And Derivatives 10 times The Size Of The Global Economy.

Just one more thing to get you started your own research. Is it one of the reasons why China is buying so much Gold now?

"Today on The Janssen Report (#88): the financialization of pretty much everything has caused incredible systemic risk on top of so-called collateral. In fact, this collateral is the true value upon which most derivatives are based, such as gold, silver, oil and real estate.
It turns out that even the biggest financial experts do not truly understand derivatives. It's a large "unknown". Just recall Warren Buffett's letter to shareholders about his failure to unwind the derivatives portfolio of one of his newly acquired companies in the late 90s. He called derivatives a potentially lethal time bomb.
Estimates concerning the volume of the derivatives market range from 700 Trillion dollars to upwards of 1.5 Quadrillion dollars (including what is sometimes referred to as shadow derivatives).
Let's look at the sheer size of the numbers alone:
700 Trillion = 700,000,000,000,000
1.5 Quadrillion = 1,500,000,000,000,000

The size of the economy is at about 70 to 75 Trillion dollars (annual World GDP):
75 Trillion = 75,000,000,000,000

All it takes is one domino to bring down this house of cards (or inverted pyramid) and create a vortex that will suck all the value out of this scheme.

Imagine the epic blow to financial institutions around the globe if their balance sheets start to vaporize.
And then imagine what this will do to your personal financial situation.

Educate yourself, act and become self-reliant. Stay tuned to The Janssen Report!


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Marco Janssen"

What Is Next: China’s 4-Way Global Gold Supply Domination Strategy.

"After we discussed the technical picture and cycle bottom call for Gold from Charles Nenner let's explore the Gold miners supply fundamentals and their new discoveries in the pipeline. The best cure from the low prices ... is  low prices. Exploration is put on hold and companies are high-grading now. Where the new supply for the China's appetite will come from?
  There are very few promising new discoveries are in the making now. Only the best projects will survive. And they need to find the strong partners to move forward now. David provides very interesting insight into the China's approach for acquiring the best projects, like - potentially, Barrick's Pascua Lama, as we have discussed before. I can only confirm the same trends from our own experience in International Lithium and TNR Gold. Read more."

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