Sunday, 18 January 2015

Electric Cars in China: Charging Stations Built Along Beijing-Shanghai Route.


  And here comes the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Cars in China. Tesla's Superchargers will change the game there as well in the future.

Electric Cars Growing In Popularity In China.

"Charging infrastructure for the electric cars will be the challenge in China, but nothing is out of reach for the existing technology. Investments and government push in "War Against Pollution" will turn the tide. Better electric cars are coming on the streets. Tesla Model III and GM Bolt will launch the mass market for EVs. LG Chem is building its Lithium Megafactory to meet to rising demand and Foxconn - manufacturer of iPhones - invests in electric cars in China. Next step in action now is to secure the supply of strategic commodities for this rEvolution - Lithium and REE."

China Puts Billions Into Electric Cars & EV Charging Stations.


  Electric Cars are not only about the price of oil, but about the ability to enjoy personal mobility in the urban centres with millions of people packed in megalopolises in China and India. Lithium based technology makes it possible.

International Lithium Corp. Update on Avalonia (Ireland) and Mariana (Argentina) Lithium Projects.


Charging stations built along Beijing-Shanghai route

China is doing more to encourage the trend towards eco-friendly travelling. Some good news for those already leading the charge, drivers of new energy vehicles will find that what would once have been an impossible long-distance journey, is now fully accessible.
On Friday, charging points were installed along the Beijing-Shanghai expressway, and more on other routes are in the work.
Powering up at your convenience. The quick-charge stations are distributed along the expressway stretching over 1200 kilometers. It takes about 30 minutes for electric vehicles to charge up fully.

"The speed is ten times faster than charging at home, which is very convenient," said Gao Yuming, division chief of State Grid.

The cost of electricity needed for the journey from Beijing to Shanghai would be half the price of petrol needed to run the same distance. Only 6 or 7 charges are needed. This would cost less than 400 yuan, or 65 US dollars. That is even less than the cost of a high-speed rail ticket from the capital to the commercial hub of Shanghai.

"Charging points are placed at 50 kilometer intervals. I would take my family on a roadtrip in the future. And the money saved through the electric cars could be spent on several decent meals," said an electric car user.

It's forecast that by 2020, the expressway fast charging network in China will reach 20,000 kilometers, covering all top tier cities."

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