Thursday, 15 January 2015

Charles Nenner: New Gold Bull Market Coming Soon.

  Charles Nenners Call for Gold to bottom at $1,150 is still standing and today's move in the market could  signify the break out phase in the beginning of this new Bull.
  We are ready to participate in it with our projects in TNR Gold. With Gold closing above $1,250 on weekly basis the interest in the Gold miners and juniors will be much stronger.

Charles Nenner: Gold Cycle To Bottom, Sees $2,100 Upside Target.

  Charles Nenner has quite a few very impressive calls on different markets. His today calls sound totally contrarian for the mainstream investors. US Dollar is rising to the sky, markets are hitting all-time-highs. Lets put him on the record here today. In this interview he confirms his call for Gold cycle to bottom now and his upside target of $2,100. Chinese seems to be following his ideas ...

Charles Nenner: Scary Deflation on Horizon, Sees Gold Cycle Bottom at 1150.

Charles Nenner: "We are at the bottom of the cycle for Gold with $1150 target." Nobody knows the future for sure, but this interview is very interesting - it was published on October 7, 2014, particularly when you consider the last week blood bath in gold miners which looks like total capitulation. Can Swiss Gold Referendum bring us necessary catalyst? Read more."

Rob McEwen delivers on his promise and, finally, buys more shares in McEwen Mining. Are the market turnaround and the catalyst for the Los Azules Copper closer now?

What's In Store For Gold In 2015?

 Very interesting conversation about Gold, market fundamentals, supply and demand  from Scotiabank conference, including Rob McEwen.

The Gold Fever In Europe: Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium - Now Austria Considers Repatriating Its Gold.

TNR Gold Shotgun: NOVAGOLD Reports Major Progress in Advancing Donlin Gold up the Value Chain.


  We have the major news for Alaska Gold mining industry from our neighbours - Donlin Gold is moving forward! NOVAGOLD and TNR Gold were developing Shotgun Gold project together and in 2010 our company has consolidated the project and now owns 100% of it. NOVAGOLD has received TNR Gold's shares and warrants. Greg Johnson - one of the founders of NOVAGOLD has joined TNR Gold board after our very impressive results from the drilling program in the Fall 2012. Please watch the video to find out his personal statement:

"The mineralization style observed at Shotgun Ridge bears a strong resemblance to the 40 million ounce deposit at the Donlin Gold project operated by Barrick and NovaGold," stated recently appointed director Greg Johnson, "The similar age and host intrusive rocks suggest that, with continued exploration, there is significant potential to locate larger volumes of mineralization in and around Shotgun Ridge."

  This development by NOVAGOLD will put Alaska back on the radar screens of Gold investors as the safe mining jurisdiction and stronger Gold prices will drive the next stage of projects development. Please read my legal disclaimer.

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