Thursday, 8 January 2015

Powered By Lithium: Tesla Model X Prototype at CES 2015.

  They are coming, electric cars are here to stay! Please share the presentation below to put all that nonsense about "more polluting electric cars" to rest.

Rebuttal to Study: EVs Being More Dangerous Than Internal Combustion Vehicles.

"Bill Williams puts all the nonsense about Electric Cars being more dangerous than with Internal Combustion engines vehicles to rest. Read more."

China Extends Electric-Car Incentives As Shenzhen Caps New Cars Registrations.

"As China attempts to grapple with its rampant air pollution, the national government and municipal authorities are taking increasingly aggressive measures to encourage adoption of plug-in electric cars. Officials recently announced the details of a previously-discussed new round of electric-car incentives, while the city of Shenzhen has joined several other Chinese cities in capping new-vehicle registrations. According to Reuters, China's current incentives scheme expires in 2015, but a new program will replace it and carry through to 2020."

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