Saturday, 31 January 2015

Peter Schiff: GDP Growth Slows Sharply in 4th Quarter: 2015 to be Worse.

  What is the real number of Q4 GDP? The punchline: if the deflator was the same like in Q3 - 1% and not assumed 0% for Q4, GDP was only 1.6%. We have a very sharp decline in GDP growth from Q3 to Q4. And the Oil Crash and Strong Dollar are only making their way through the financial system.

Gold And January Barometer Flashing Red: Stock Market Warning Signal

  "Nobody knows the future, but some indicators can put us into the right direction. Strong Dollar is already hurting US Economy and Oil Crash will bring more pain to the economy. Gold Bugs Index HUI has painted the Bottom and is challenging the important resistance on the upside. Once the realisation that US Dollar cannot rise forever without pushing all the air from the stock market bubble hits headlines - the FED stance on the rate hike will change dramatically. China buying record amount of Gold and advising its citizens against buying US Dollars is another part of this big picture.
  For our Gold mining sector and resources in general we do not need any End of The World scenario - just some reallocation of the capital from the overinflated assets into the beaten into the ground ones. All Central banks will be driving the war on Deflation to save Economic Growth, it is impossible without Resources coming out of this Recession. Gold will show us when Central Banks will succeed in this battle, mind the manipulation masquerade. When and what to buy will be your choice as usual. Read more."

Alaska - NOVAGOLD Marks 2014 by Reaching Important 

Milestones in Advancing Permitting of Donlin Gold.

  We have another positive release from NOVAGOLD for Gold mining in Alaska. Now the Gold price above $1,300 should bring interest back to this safe mining jurisdiction and TNR Gold Shotgun Gold project.

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project Fact Sheet January 2015.

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