Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Electric Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Autonomous Driving.

  There is no place for the IC Engine or transmission in this car! It must be born Electric. We have another glimpse in the future and now we can appreciate more the vision from Elon Musk: "Everything will be fully electric, except for Rockets!"

"The Electric hybrid system has a total range of 1,100 kilometres, including around 200 kilometres  of battery-powered driving and around 900 kilometres on the electricity from the fuel cell. This enables the F 015 Luxury in Motion to cover distances similar to those of a comparable diesel-engined car, but purely on electric power with zero local emissions."

Specifications and Image gallery:

Elon Musk Interview: World Needs Hundreds of Gigafactories.

Elon Musk talks about the Gigafactory and incredible numbers behind his vision: "Everything will be fully electric, except for Rockets!" In China his vision can be the only way forward with personal mobility due to the terrible level of air pollution.

Lithium Drive: China's Electric Vehicle Output Grows Fivefold.

  "China continues to build its new strategic industry - Electric Cars and now we can see the first results.  International Lithium is well positioned to participate in this macro trend in China with its strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium."

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