Monday, 12 January 2015

Frank Holmes: Lower Oil Prices "Super Bonus" For Gold Stocks.

"Gold kicks off the weak on a positive note, and Kitco News speaks with Frank Holmes to see if he thinks the metal can maintain this trend. Holmes says the marketplace is concerned about deflation. “The great fear is not inflation but deflation,” he says. “And that’s causing, all of a sudden, gold to rally because governments will respond with excessive printing of money.” Holmes also looks at the mining sector and says the strong dollar is actually helping foreign gold companies’ margins. He says that gold companies working in “countries where commodities are produced [and] which are experiencing a declining currency value versus the dollar” are expanding margins. He adds that margin expansions are critical for these gold stocks to have a sustainable rally. Tune in now to find out what he thinks may be gold’s touchdown pass for the week. Kitco News, January 12, 2014."

This video will cheer you up:

Great video: Gold Set To Rally In 2015.

Next Meltdown: Oil Crash And Derivatives 10 times The Size Of The Global Economy.

Just one more thing to get you started your own research. Is it one of the reasons why China is buying so much Gold now?

David Morgan: Oil, Derivatives And Unbelievable Lack of Trust in the System.

Koos Jansen: Chinese Lunar Year Gold Buying Frenzy Started.

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