Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Frank Holmes’ Take On Gold This “Action Packed Week” And The Sentiment In Vancouver.

"Frank Holmes is on Kitco News ahead of this “action packed week,” and has his say on how the gold market is currently set up. “All eyes on the ECB,” he says. “They’ve talked about [QE] for so long and nothing has been done,” he adds. Holmes also comments on the “black swan” Swiss National Bank move last week and says “it seems central bankers are out for themselves now.” Watch to see what he thinks may be gold’s touchdown pass during this busy economic data week. Kitco News, January 20, 2014."

Frank Holmes: Gold Surges on Currency Volatility.


  "The great set of charts from Frank Holmes confirming Gold breakout in different currencies. We are entering the next stage of Currency Wars when All FIAT currencies will depreciate against the Gold. What will happen to the Gold price when US Dollar will start the long-due correction? Read more."

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