Saturday, 24 January 2015

Oil Wars: How Low Can Oil Go?

  How low can oil go? What will happen at $20 dollar Oil? Will this crash trigger another financial crisis and Great Recession?

Jim Rickards Discusses Future of Saudia Arabia.

   Oil is the wild card played last year on the backdrop of all Currency Wars. Now the Shale Oil related financing could bring the shock to the whole financial system again. 

Chris Martenson: The Crash Course - Shale Oil. Can We Survive This Energy War?

   "Let's put some numbers and technical details of the "Shale Oil Revolution" into perspective. Please make no mistake: Currency Wars are moving fast into Energy Wars or, more precisely - Shale Oil Wars. The economic miracle in U.S is based on the cheap energy and strong US dollar will be killing it fast. The weaker US Dollar must come to save the Shale Oil now.
  We have the technology to change all this geopolitical picture ones and for all - Electric Cars and Elon Musk with Tesla Motors has demonstrated the power of lithium based power-trains. When finally will it  be fully embraced, using this opportunity of the borrowed time of "Shale Oil revolution?"

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