Friday, 9 January 2015

Tesla Gigafactory Progress at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Park - January 2015.

  Elon Musk is set to deliver on his grand vision for Tesla Gigafactory. Resent oil crash has just provided us with another small break to implement the Lithium technology for electric cars on the mass scale on time. 

Fortune: How Nevada Won The Tesla Gigafactory.

We have a lot of people trying to bring Elon Musk's  image down these days and question his remarkable success. My advice will be - just try to change the world yourself. He has already done it. Whatever happens next will only define the speed of this rEvolution. He has shown the way and that the Lithium Technology is here. The most important words in the video paraphrased: "This place could be in China, but it is here in Nevada." Just look at this place and how fast Elon Musk moves with Gigafactory! This could be the real American Renaissance: Solar and Electric Cars. Shale Oil has given us all the opportunity to catch some time - today's OPEC war will take this opportunity very quickly away.

Elon Musk Interview: World Needs Hundreds of Gigafactories.

 Elon Musk talks about the Gigafactory and incredible numbers behind his vision: "Everything will be fully electric, except for Rockets!" In China his vision can be the only way forward with personal mobility due to the terrible level of air pollution. Watch the video."

Lithium Drive: China's Electric Vehicle Output Grows Fivefold.

  "China continues to build its new strategic industry - Electric Cars and now we can see the first results.  International Lithium is well positioned to participate in this macro trend in China with its strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium."

International Lithium: Kirill Klip - Q And A From ILC On Our Strategic Partnership With Ganfeng Lithium.

China Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Electric Cars: Ganfeng Lithium Partners with International Lithium in Argentina and Ireland.

“Ganfeng has an army of lithium-focused geologists who looked at projects in every corner of the planet,” stated ILC president Kirill Klip in an exclusive interview, “but they chose ILC to do business with. This is a big de-risking factor for our current and future shareholders. The Chinese do their homework. They believe in the geology of our assets, our management and our development strategy.” Read more.

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