Friday, 23 January 2015

Mass Market for EVs - Electric Cars Charge From German Lamp-posts.

  We have another very simple and elegant solution for the EV charging in the cities. It can address the problem with those EV drivers who live in apartments and do not have the opportunity to install the charger. We are getting to the tipping point for the mass market for electric cars. Introduction of Tesla Model III and GM Bolt will make it the reality.

VW, BMW and ChargePoint Announce Initiative to Create Network of EV Fast Chargers.

Electric Cars Growing In Popularity In China.

"Charging infrastructure for the electric cars will be the challenge in China, but nothing is out of reach for the existing technology. Investments and government push in "War Against Pollution" will turn the tide. Better electric cars are coming on the streets. Tesla Model III and GM Bolt will launch the mass market for EVs. LG Chem is building its Lithium Megafactory to meet to rising demand and Foxconn - manufacturer of iPhones - invests in electric cars in China. Next step in action now is to secure the supply of strategic commodities for this rEvolution - Lithium and REE."

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