Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rare Earth Elements: Simple Commodity Or Strategic Vulnerability?

"Rare earths are a group of 17 elements with unique chemical, magnetic and luminescent
properties crucial for the functioning of much of today’s high technology equipment,
including MRIs, lap-top computers, hybrid vehicles and LEDs. They also have important
applications in the defence industry.
China is the dominant supplier of rare earth elements (REEs), meeting at least 85% of
global demand. In 2010, REEs were splashed across the front pages of newspapers when
it significantly reduced rare earth export quotas and temporarily suspended their shipment
to Japan. Consumers quickly recognised that diversity of reliable supply is just as
important as price and quality, and there is a concerted effort to replace, reduce and
recycle REEs.
So are REEs best understood as simple commodities, or as strategic resources that can be
used as tools of statecraft? And can Australia play a part in the development of alternative
reliable sources of rare earths? To help understand the strategic importance of REEs the
National Security College and Crawford School of Public Policy welcome two global experts
in the field."

TNR Gold Acquires Critical Element REE Project in Labrador.

2014 Report On the International Rare Earth Metals Market - Forecast to 2018

  At TNR Gold we are involved not only in Lithium with our stake in International Lithium, but also in REE projects development. We are following closely the changing landscape and identifying new opportunities in this very important market of Strategic Critical Materials. Their applications are spread from Electric Motors to Solar and Wind Power generation and to the Displays of your Mobile Devices.

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