Monday 5 October 2015

The Statistics About Diesel Are Crystal Clear. It’s Deadly … Automakers Asking About 70% Emissions Increase.

  So how fast will "They" be able to swipe VolkswagenGate under the rug? You would not believe it,  it is happening already. These people are just shameless. Basically, "Car Makers Can't Meet Euro 6 Emission Standards".  Do you think like me, that they will rush to build all electric cars instead of all that killing us by air pollution ICE rubbish? Do not hold your breath on this one: "Automakers Ask Europe For Leniency On Emission Testing". Only when we stop to finance all this corruption and Wars with our own money we can stop it. Dirty hired by Oil politicians will always find "Clean Diesel", "Clean Nuclear"  and "Not So Bad Petrol" literally missing The Sun In The Sky. If the quote below from The New York Times is not driving you mad, I do not know what will any more. You can find this and other links below for you to study and to come to your own conclusions.

"LONDON — Despite the cloud cast by the Volkswagen scandal, automakers are proposing that they be allowed a 70 percent increase in the nitrogen oxides their cars emit, unreleased documents show, as part of new European pollution tests. The New York Times."

"To Punish" Volkswagen Let's Them Build Only Electric Cars.

  It is a great idea, but probably will never happen, judging from the picture above. Both Volkswagen CEOs, the old one to the right and the new one coming from Porsche in the middle, must be explaining to the very concerned Angela Merkel how now everything will be changed. Corporate greed and hired politicians are feeding all this corruption with Auto-makers and Oil. On another hand just driving faster to the cliff will not help the new CEO of Volkswagen even if he comes from Porsche. These all the same people who were lobbying hard against new emission standards, developing and producing millions of these cheating devices. Actually going electric can save Volkswagen, otherwise they can be simply done now.

Fully Charged: Brilliant DieselGate Rant - "They Are Not Interested In You And Me." 

   It is all said so well by Robert. Where is our outrage? How fast will we allow "Them" to swipe it under the rag again? New CEO of Volkswagen came from Porsche and, according to reports, he was personally involved in the orchestrating very heavy lobbing against the new emission standards. At Porsche they could not find where to charge their Mission E to make it "fully practical"? Show them finally Tesla Superchangers for Gods sake. What kind of change can we expect? They are Not interested in you and me. The list goes on … Post production note from Robert: 

"My rant does one thing. It UNDER exaggerates, not 40% more NOX, 4,000% more"

AutoGate: Some Mercedes, BMW And Peugeot Models Consuming Around 50% More Fuel.

  It didn't take long. Transport and Environment, finally, gets attention to its brilliant work exposing the systemic fraud happening in auto-industry. I do hope that prosecutors will pay attention not only to the former CEO of Volkswagen and all materials are available on T&E links below. Volkswagen has started its very own VolswagenGate and DieselGate was insured as nobody can really comply with the three magics together: price, performance and emissions. Now we are moving into the full blown AutoGate. 
  Lies are flying all around again and everybody was paying for it. I start to think that this scandal will eclipse Enron, LIBOR, Energy, Pensions, FOREX and Gold manipulations scams all together and can, actually, take down the markets with it in a big way. It touches every family, everybody drives these days in the West. Idea that we all have been played for years like total idiots will not make auto-makers and Big Oil more popular. Carl Icahn is heavy shorting the markets and his video release tomorrow will make FED run to the boats. Next QE is already on its way now. 
  This total mess makes me think, personally, what will it take to expose the GMO scam? And what this exposure take will be on the World Economy - total collapse? 
  It will not be surprising to me, personally, if Electric Cars are actually already cheaper on price and real performance value matrix. Emissions and thousands of people dying every day all across the world from the air pollution will pull the scale into EV side even more. And cheaper and better EVs are coming now with thousands of places all over the world where to charge them in 20 minutes … Who will start the FrackingGate scam to be exposed now?

Elon Musk On Volkswagen Scandal: 'We've Reached The Limit Of What's Possible' With Fossil Fuels.

  Elon Musk is not dancing on the Volkswagen grave, mass media will do it of him now. He is already dealing with Diesel and Gas powered cars as a class: making more and more electric cars. Last week Tesla has opened European plant, announced talks about opening its Superchargers Network to other auto-makers and … Tesla Model S will go 600 miles on a charge in the future. Now Elon Musk talks about Lithium Battery Gigafactories in Europe. Let's bring one to Ireland!

DieselGate: The Answer - Tesla Opens First European Plant On Road To 500,000 Electric Car Target.

  Elon Musk brings the answer to all The Economist questions about the future and how "to start the era of electric car". Future is already here, just not everybody has noticed. Welcome to the Tesla first European plant!

Elon Musk: Tesla Is In Talks With Other Automakers About Sharing The SuperCharger Network.


  "This is the last nail in the coffin of ICE cars. Electric cars are already better, we just need to make them cheaper and Tesla's Gigafactory will make it happen. It is the major step forward if other auto-makers will be allowed to share Tesla Superchargers Network and will co-invest in rapid deployment of these Networks all over the world. We are getting very fast to the mass market for electric cars now. 
  Now we have to send this article to the New Volkswagen CEO, they could not find Tesla Superchargers with him at Porsche before … Read more."

 Join the Disruption or be Disrupted. Dump The Pump - It Is Time To Go Electric.

International Lithium: President's Message And Private Placement.


Carmakers say they 'can't meet' Euro 6 emissions targets

The Telegraph:

The statistics about diesel are crystal clear. It’s deadly

Rigorous research over the past twenty years has proved the dangers of the fuel beyond all doubt

By Geoffrey Lean

Do diesel fumes really kill thousands of Britons each year? And how can we possibly know for sure? In the wake of the Volkswagen scandal some reassuring voices have suggested that the claim is alarmist. Unfortunately, the evidence for the fuel’s deadly effects is powerful. 
Diesel exhausts emit two main pollutants: particulates and nitrogen dioxide (N02), and account for almost half the N02 and about 70 per cent of the particulates in London air. Measuring the effects, admittedly, is not easy. Doctors don’t put “air pollution” or “diesel” on death certificates. Nor can we take a crowd of people, expose them over a long period to diesel fumes and then count how many died. Other, less direct, ways have to be found of getting at the truth. 
Diesel accounts for about 70 per cent of the particulates in London air
Particulates – tiny sooty particles in the air – were the first of the pollutants to be identified as toxic, 22 years ago, in a big Harvard study. The seminal 1993 research, dubbed “the six cities study” compared mortality rates in half a dozen representative US urban areas, following the fates of 8,111 adults for at least 14 years. It found – after adjusting for risk factors like obesity, smoking and occupational exposure – that death rates were 26 per cent higher in the city with the highest particulate pollution than the two with the lowest . 
By itself this did not constitute proof but, in the intervening years, hundreds of similar studies – some so vast they tracked more than half a million people – have come to similar conclusions, establishing the danger beyond doubt.
Beyond this, there are also plenty of reports of increased sickness and death during severe air pollution episodes, and studies showing mortality levels shadowing changes in particle levels. 
In all the government estimates that particulate pollution from all sources kills 29,000 Britons a year
The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) three years ago formally declared that “diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans”. 
Nitrogen dioxide has caused much more controversy, but recently a series of even more gigantic surveys have persuaded scientists of its deadly effects. Over the past two and a half years, separate studies on 835,607 Britons; 1,265,058 citizens of Rome; and 7.1 million Dutch over-30s all found that the gas was also associated with higher mortality, with some research particularly pointing to increased disease. Earlier this month the Government put the toll of NO2 pollution from all sources at an annual 23,500 deaths. 
As if this were not enough, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) three years ago formally declared that “diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans”. It was particularly influenced by the results of a study of 12,315 workers in eight mines. 
Researchers found that the miners most heavily exposed to diesel fumes from machines underground were up to three times more likely to get lung cancer than those who breathed them least. 
Of course, exposure to confined conditions underground will be much higher than in the open air into which car exhausts discharge. But, as Dr Kurt Straif of the IARC points out, causes of cancer are often first identified in heavily exposed workers before also being found in the general population . 
Dismissing this evidence may be tempting – especially for VW executives. But as some of them will no doubt discover in court, the evidence has a way of catching up with you."

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