Friday 30 October 2015

EU Corruption, DieselGate And Lithium Technology: How It's Made - BMWi i3 LifeDrive Architecture.

  I would like to share with you this great video today. German auto-makers can do wonderful things too, not only cheating devices at Volkswagen. BMWi program is the very big step forward after billions have been wasted on Hydrogen and "'Clean Diesel." But can you imagine how much more brilliant engineers from BMW can do if corrupted politicians were not allowed to stop the progress like they did for 20 years in U.S. and this week in EU? Do you even know that EU governments have DOUBLED allowed toxic emissions limits for diesel and delayed their implementation this week? Lithium Technology is here - we have just to vote for it for real and push elected by us politicians to endorse it on our behalf and you have this power now. Just stop buying all that cancer hazard spitting air polluting rubbish any more.

  On a technical note, I do admire BMW LifeDrive architecture and new technologies in BMW i3. BMW must have a better battery and longer range. Cheaper battery can bring BMW i3 price down - it is still too expensive for urban commute electric car. Cheaper Lithium Batteries can come only with mass volume of production. Exactly like Elon Musk is doing with Tesla Gigafactory. Would you like to build yours? Welcome to Ireland! International Lithium with Ganfeng will get the lithium supply ready for your brave eDrive plans.
  BMW has to make something real in between BMW i3 and i8 just to stay relevant and be able to compete with Tesla Model S and Model X now and not in twenty years time. Now you can better realise how far Tesla is ahead.  BMW i8 has a beautiful body, but last century technology. Who needs Diesel Engine in "Electric Car" any more? Just look at Tesla again! 
  Dear BMW, please, just do it - just let your brilliant engineers made the best electric cars. Stop looking with half an eye on all your diesel monstrosity - "we have to sell them to". You could easily get Tesla Powertain for BMW i8 years ago if you were serious. Like Mercedes did, but where are all those beautiful EVs? The same goes to all your BMW i4, i5, i6 and i7. I guess with our EU corrupted puppets on the payroll of The Used To Be Great Autos who are protecting billions wasted in "Clean Diesel" Technology Elon Musk will get to the Mars sooner than you move for real in Electric Cars space. But people will not allow you to fool us any more. Dear Mercedes, BMW and VW, have a look at Volkswagen's loss last quoter and these couple of articles below. The time has come even for you to go electric!

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: Second Shock - Tesla Model S Takes On Mercedes S, Outsold BMW 7 And Audi 8.

  "This news will be shock for a lot of people. Electric cars made by Tesla are just better than comparable luxury brands. All this data is for the whole 2015 up to September. Volkswagen scam is not even reflected in consumer behaviour! Tesla Model S is taking on Mersedes S already, outselling Audi 8 and BMW 7 by a very big margins. Welcome to The Silicon Valley Economics. Now this trend will only accelerate.  To pay yourself to poison your kids with cancer hazard pollution is quite stupid after all. 
  Next step is to go for the mass market for electric cars, Tesla Model 3 will start it. The average price for a new car in U.S. was $23k in 2014. My magic formula is 20/200. $20k buys you BMW 2 type electric car with 200 miles range. Elon Musk will make it possible with dramatically reduced cost for Lithium Batteries to as low as $100 per kWh made at Tesla Gigafactory. If he will be able to commercialise Solid State Lithium Battery technology we are up for the real treat. Than Tesla Model S And X will go more than 500 miles on a charge very soon! Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this rEVolution. Read more."

Volkswagen And DieselGate: The Solution - Lithium Technology Is Here To Change Our World.

  "All major corporate crimes can be committed only when the masses are silent being busy digesting fast food with video games and Facebook "friends". Or deeper: when corporate slavery affects your own perspective from the cubicle so much that you think that it is Not Evil any more… 

 If somebody in Power does really want it, we have all technology and solutions available now. If somebody in Power was allowed by the Corporations who paid her ticket there - we have all the money to make it. Just take all costs of all Wars - yes, they all about Control of Energy and Oil means Energy to us even now. Add here all Trillions in tax breaks and subsidies provided to Fossil Fuel Industries. Nuclear will go here as well. Add all billions wasted on Hydrogen - it will be controlled by the same Old Big Oil, I will not even talk about the very low energy efficiency of full Energy cycle of Hydrogen To Wheel today. Add here all medical bills for cancer and other chemical pollution related deceases. It will be enough for a very good and fast start to the race into the post carbon world!
  Invest this money into Electric Cars, Solar and Wind. Put trucks on the Natural Gas first and Hybrids later. Move to the real Energy Security with distributed Solar and Wind power generation. Close all coal plants and nuclear as well. Use the Sun: Solar and Wind power costs are dropping like a stones now, why do we have to live still in the stone age in cages provided by Big Oil and Fossils? It was supposed to be over - the stone age, and not due to the lack of stones, we have the technology to make it without burning fossil fuels now. Read more"

DieselGate And Corruption: EU Governments Double And Delay Air Pollution Limits For Diesel Cars.


Erik Jonnaert, ACEA Secretary General

"Exhaust from diesel engines contributes to air pollution and is a cancer hazard to humans," said DrKurt StraifForbes.

  "EU governments have demonstrated today one more time that corruption is without borders and party limits. It is the very bad decision and totally diminish our politicians, who has lost today any credibility, to the status of corporate puppets on payroll. The only good news is that this act of treason on part of politicians against the public health just demonstrates that ICE technology just can't deliver any more, it has reached its limitations. Fossils are not only among fuels. Now you all will be sold even more polluting rubbish and our streets will be even more dangerous filled with cancer hazard toxic emissions. Your hard earned money will go to support those dirty politicians killing your kids. Just stop buying it and spread the word. Donate your RT. Read more."

Volkswagen, DieselGate And Now AutoGate: Car Emissions Testing - "The Whole System Is Corrupt"

"London smog: 'We spend billions per year on tests in a lab. Useless … We want to clean up the environment, not the labs' (Photo: stu mayhem)" - euobserver.

  No surprises, here for me unfortunately. Peter Teffer reports straight from the heart of "EU Capital" in Brussels:

"Volkswagen is not the only car company that used illegal devices to cheat emissions tests, said Axel Friedrich, a German emissions testing expert who is a co-founder of the NGO that notified US authorities something was wrong with VW's test results.
"You will see tomorrow night on German television the next case", Friedrich said on Wednesday (21 October) in the European Parliament.
"It's not only diesel, it's also gasoline. The whole system is corrupt", he added."

WHO: DieselGate Is A Cancer Problem - Auto Industry Calls "Not To Jeopardise Diesel As One Of Its Key Pillars."

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