Monday 12 October 2015

Volkswagen And DieselGate: Just One Picture Why Diesel And Petrol Powered Cars Will Die Out.

China: 50 lanes merge into 20.

This is when one picture tells more than thousand words.

If you still need those here we go:

Volkswagen And DieselGate: The Solution - Lithium Technology Is Here To Change Our World.

 " … And it is not your choice any more, The big pain is coming. Lithium Technology is here to change our world. Elon Musk will not make it all alone. We have to push our society to accept this disruption and stop burning fossil fuels to produce our energy. We have to have our "Manhattan plan" in the West to make it.
  China is rising and it has the military plan to build electric cars as strategic industry. It is great … for China, but what about us? Now David Cameron is supporting Nuclear plants to be built by China in the UK and cutting Solar subsidies. Yes, stupidity is without boarders or party limits. Mark my words: it will be another one as "Clean Diesel" which was made by Labor. But "Clean Nuclear" made by Tories can be even more damaging. Just check the latest news on cancer rates from Fukushima. They have swept it under the rug already! 
  Two Solar companies have gone bust already in the UK with thousands of workers on the streets now. Before this shameful myopic disgrace on the part of David Cameron UK Solar Power was growing fastest in Europe. I will extend my brave experiment with ultimate emissions test to Nuclear Power vs Solar as well. I will stay with Solar Panels and politicians should go into the Nuclear Reactor Room. First step to recovery is to stop BS ourselves. 

"My personal offer still stands. Ultimate emission test. Now I will extend it to all politicians and regulators as well. I will spend a night in the closed garage with Tesla Model S with "running engine." CEOs from automakers and their friends politicians are welcome to do the same with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car and engine running even with the best compliance with all emission standards. I hope that Elon Musk will borrow me one Tesla while I am waiting for mine."

  Do you know that Lithium Battery was developed in the West? It was commercialised by SONY in 80s and now South Korea is the leading manufacturer with Samsung and LG Chem. But China already controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide which goes into Tesla batteries and they are moving very fast with their own Megafactories to rival Tesla with its Gigafactory to produce lithium batteries on the mass scale. 
  The pain is coming, you can't stop it. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) will be dying with Fossil Fuels. It is just the law of nature. Electric Cars are better and they will become cheaper as well  very soon. We can make it as a pain of growth, but who will make it?  All these jobs for The Next Industrial rEVolution could be here, not just going again to China. Germany with its brilliant engineers can produce lithium batteries and electric cars and it can happen in every country. It is all here, with all numbers on the links below. Just spread the word.
  But we all need your help for this change, what have you done lately? Read more."

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