Monday, 12 October 2015

Electric Cars Sales Surge 50% In Europe To 6k All-Electric Sold In August.

  It is not bad considering that we do not have really a lot of good electric cars here. You have to wait for Tesla Model S almost forever, it is very expensive (60% more in UK than in U.S.) and everything else is still a compromise. 
  It is the great illustration to my previous article below. You can see that these sales are almost nothing 0.85%! Now Volkswagen disaster will drive more people to look at electric cars and, hopefully, better and cheaper electric cars will come in time. As for the lithium demand - this rEVolution has only started, even the old guard from Lithium insiders does not really believe in it.

Volkswagen And DieselGate: The Solution - Lithium Technology Is Here To Change Our World.

  "All major corporate crimes can be committed only when the masses are silent being busy digesting fast food with video games and Facebook "friends". Or deeper: when corporate slavery affects your own perspective from the cubicle so much that you think that it is Not Evil any more. 
  Living from cheque to cheque is not helping to build up your independence. This is why there is a War on the middle class in the West. Independent people are dangerous to the System by definition. Here comes Debt and slavery to the banks by generations only to pay off the ticket just to get on the ladder of the "American Dream". 
  This is what happened at Volkswagen. This is what happening with Fracking and GMO. They all affect literally billions of people on our planet. It is a corporate mass murder sanctioned by the corrupt politicians. Now we know about Volkswagen and it is already growing into the DieselGate, when nobody of auto-makers really is in compliance with toxic emissions limits. The next is coming the AutoGate, when ALL cars are emitting deadly pollutions at much higher levels than we all have thought. 
  And I am not talking about the socialism in any sense here, it is just the problem that we do not have capitalism in the West as well. I am not against corporations, but the corrupted HFT version of the wild corporate capitalism now is pushing more and more young people to the nihilism and socialism is on the rise in the West again. Evil minds will get into power driving the desperation again. But I am out of politics and, thanks God, we have the solution now. 
  Let's stop talking and let's start walking. But walking to the Solution - not just ban all the cars, get in the communes again and read with a candle. No, we do not have to do it any more, despite of Fossil Fuel corporate propaganda. Finally technology has made it possible not only to preserve "our way of life", but make it better without sacrificing anything or, what is even more important, anyone. Read more."


EagleAID revealed that in August, all-electric car sales in Western Europe surged by some 50% from 4,045 year ago to nearly 6,000.
That’s a good sign (+2,000), especially since in countries like France, August still was a slow month.

Western Europe BEV sales in August:
nearly 6,000 (0.85% market share)

Through the first eight months of 2015, sales went up to nearly 54,000 (up by 53.1% year-over-year) and that’s not including any plug-in hybrids or range-extended EVs.
Of course, with 0.85% market share in August, EagleAID is far from satisfied.
There is also a reference to Diesel Gate and the possibility that it could trigger more EV launches from VW:
“These past ten days or so diesel-powered cars stand out as particularly unloved.
With the green buzz among commentators flaring up once more into a crescendo, siren voices outside the autoindustry are pleading for a wholesale boost of financial incentives for electric cars and plug-in hybrids
In the clear light of day, AID compiled figures suggest once more that in today’s real world of European dealer showrooms the media’s knee-jerk pleas to consumers to dump diesels in favour of heavily subsidised electric cars are likely to fall on deaf ears.”But 

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