Friday 9 October 2015

DieselGate: They ALL Are Here - Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi Break Emissions Limits.


  It look's like nobody can really comply with the toxic emissions limits and, I guess, that this list will be growing. We are not talking here about the fraud yet, but about the fact that more and more vehicles from different auto-makers are found to be polluting much more than we were told. The Guardian reports about the new findings and you can find the history on the links below.

“The issue is a systemic one” across the industry, said Nick Molden, whose company Emissions Analytics tested the cars. The Guardian revealed last week that diesel cars from Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat, Volvo and Jeep all pumped out significantly more NOx in more realistic driving conditions. NOx pollution is at illegal levels in many parts of the UK and is believed to have caused many thousands of premature deaths and billions of pounds in health costs. The Guardian."

BBC On DieselGate: Air Pollution Second Only To Active Smoking - The 'Invisible Killer' Of The Air On Our Streets.


BBC Video: 

Air pollution - the 'invisible hazard' of the air on our streets


"Have we been lied to about the quality of the air we breathe? Do car manufacturers, regulators and farmers have some explaining to do about their emissions to the atmosphere? Tom Heap investigates."

I Got Censored By Twitter On DieselGate: "Warning: this link may be unsafe" For Diesel And Oil Scams.

  Just a very brief update for all concerned and to show how it's done. Apparently all my links automatically shortened by LinkedIn are not good any more:
The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. This link could lead to a site that:
  • installs malicious software programs on your computer
  • steals your password or other personal information
  • collects your personal information for spam purposes
Learn more about unsafe links
Ignore this warning and continue

  After this encouraging message not a lot of people are clicking through. So this is how it's done to silence those of us who can still resist GMO attack. And I cannot even argue: it is the brutal truth - my links are totally unsafe for any corrupted politicians, Diesel, Petrol, Gold or any other scam being rolled out and other BS. It is fine. The only magic I have mastered so far is the ability to separate flies from the burgers. I just have a very strong allergy for any BS and Golden Rock and Techo help me to deal with it. 
  I am out of politics, economics will do its magic now for electric cars. With all cost accounted in our society, including medical, they are already better and cheaper than comparable ICE ones which are killing us all with toxic cancerogenous  air pollution. 
  And it is not only links: when I try to post anything related to Volkswagen or DieselGate on Twitter platform it is just not going through and I am advised that it looks like "automated message" … Does the new CEO of Twitter knows this staff? @jack is welcome to comment. He should share it with NSA - why are they all mourning about terrorists on the mass media? How I was silenced at once? Oh, wait it must be again about advertisers? Shell is always "promoted" on my feed. And how much auto-makers are spending on Twitter now? So let's see how fast they will be able to swipe it all under the rug and  … increase emission standards by 70%, because they all cannot ever meet them. Now it all depend on you. 

It takes years of hard work to step foot into the garage. You can enter with one click.

  I will repost my links with Twitter's own platform - so far it cannot be rejected, as it is stated by the company that Twitter is checking all links to be without viruses or malicious content. I guess I will pass with the viruses this time, but what about my content?
  Donate a few RTs to rebuild my library on the web and thank you ALL for your support. Direct messages were great! Thank you Google Plus, Linked In, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious and Reddit - nothing was ever blocked so far. We will make it, There Is The Sun In The Sky - it is just stupid not to use it any more when guys like Elon Musk and thousands others are making it possible. Dump The Pump. Time Has Come To Go Electric. Best.

I Got Censored By Twitter On DieselGate After Volkswagen Says 8 Million Cars Affected In EU. 

Update: Nope, #Volkswagen #DieselGate #Oil grip is stronger than any @twitter values. Maybe @jack CEO of Twitter can read it now? I cannot post again. RT my last post, please, on #Censored by @twitter.

 I feel a little bit proud this morning. We can make the difference after all. After explosion in traffic to my blog with the recent Volkswagen scandal I got Censored by Twitter today. I could not post for a while anything related to DieselGate or Volkswagen. 
  When I was very vocal about air pollution crisis in China - everything was fine. When I started my talking about Dirty Oil and Automakers committing fraud and mass murder in Europe, somebody did not like it. I do not like it at all that my kid has to breath every day polluted air by millions of cars made by you after you lied to all of us. Or yes now we have another number for Europe - 8 million so far and only from Volkswagen. It is coming from Volkswagen with its own admitted numbers with cheat software. But how many cars are polluting above the limits in total? Not by 20-30% but like 7 times or even more? All of them? What about Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Ford - already caught  by breaking toxic emission limits by 7 times? What about all of us getting not so easy going any more and push our politicians to do something about it? Like send a few people in jail who are responsible, but not mechanics fitting devices, those ones who made mass murder decisions? How about to push automakers to pick up all NHS medical bills related to cancer and other air pollution related medical costs for the UK, for the whole Europe? How about "to punish them" and let them make only electric cars if nobody can comply with emission limits? But who will do it?
  My personal offer still stands. Ultimate emission test. Now I will extend it to all politicians and regulators as well. I will spend a night in the closed garage with Tesla Model S with "running engine." CEOs from automakers and their friends politicians are welcome to do the same with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car and engine running even with the best compliance with all emission standards. I hope that Elon Musk will borrow me one Tesla while I am waiting for mine.

  After my tweet to CEO of Twitter @jack it seems that I am able to post again. I am not sure for how long. To paraphrase: First nobody notice, than they laugh at you, than you got Censored by Twitter - it means that the message is getting through.  Maybe it has to do something with reports on Twitter last couple of days that Volkswagen Ad agency threatened to pull out Ads from the mass media reporting on the Diesel Scandal? I will post some tweets for you entertainment. What can I do - only promise that I will double my efforts. And you still can find info on the links below.

. Is Censoring Now tweets? I can't post some and looks like a lot others are muted? Somebody else?
VW's ad agency in France threatened to cancel ad accounts at newspapers that reported diesel emissions scandal


It's Not Just Volkswagen: Mercedes, BMW, Mazda And Ford Break Up To 7 Times Toxic Emissions Limits.

Daily Mail.

   Now you can really appreciate my previous article. Where are we going with all this Organised Corporate Crime? I am not sure about all of us, but I am on my way into the future which is already here and It Is Electric. You can join me at your convenience.

It’s not just VW: Official tester claims four more diesel car giants break toxic emissions limit 
  • "Researchers found BMW, Ford, Mazda and Mercedes cars emitted levels of nitrogen oxides up to seven times the legal limit  
  • Volkswagen engines polluted 35 per cent less than comparable cars  
  • Findings suggest other manufacturers have found ways to pass the tests 
  • British drivers could sue Volkswagen for £2.4bn in compensation."  Daily Mail.

The Statistics About Diesel Are Crystal Clear. It’s Deadly … Automakers Asking About 70% Emissions Increase.

  So how fast will "They" be able to swipe VolkswagenGate under the rug? You would not believe it,  it is happening already. These people are just shameless. Basically, "Car Makers Can't Meet Euro 6 Emission Standards".  Do you think like me, that they will rush to build all electric cars instead of all that killing us by air pollution ICE rubbish? Do not hold your breath on this one: "Automakers Ask Europe For Leniency On Emission Testing". Only when we stop to finance all this corruption and Wars with our own money we can stop it. Dirty hired by Oil politicians will always find "Clean Diesel", "Clean Nuclear"  and "Not So Bad Petrol" literally missing The Sun In The Sky. If the quote below from The New York Times is not driving you mad, I do not know what will any more. You can find this and other links below for you to study and to come to your own conclusions.

"LONDON — Despite the cloud cast by the Volkswagen scandal, automakers are proposing that they be allowed a 70 percent increase in the nitrogen oxides their cars emit, unreleased documents show, as part of new European pollution tests. The New York Times."

"To Punish" Volkswagen Let's Them Build Only Electric Cars.

  It is a great idea, but probably will never happen, judging from the picture above. Both Volkswagen CEOs, the old one to the right and the new one coming from Porsche in the middle, must be explaining to the very concerned Angela Merkel how now everything will be changed. Corporate greed and hired politicians are feeding all this corruption with Auto-makers and Oil. On another hand just driving faster to the cliff will not help the new CEO of Volkswagen even if he comes from Porsche. These all the same people who were lobbying hard against new emission standards, developing and producing millions of these cheating devices. Actually going electric can save Volkswagen, otherwise they can be simply done now.

Fully Charged: Brilliant DieselGate Rant - "They Are Not Interested In You And Me." 

   It is all said so well by Robert. Where is our outrage? How fast will we allow "Them" to swipe it under the rag again? New CEO of Volkswagen came from Porsche and, according to reports, he was personally involved in the orchestrating very heavy lobbing against the new emission standards. At Porsche they could not find where to charge their Mission E to make it "fully practical"? Show them finally Tesla Superchangers for Gods sake. What kind of change can we expect? They are Not interested in you and me. The list goes on … Post production note from Robert: 

"My rant does one thing. It UNDER exaggerates, not 40% more NOX, 4,000% more"

AutoGate: Some Mercedes, BMW And Peugeot Models Consuming Around 50% More Fuel.

  It didn't take long. Transport and Environment, finally, gets attention to its brilliant work exposing the systemic fraud happening in auto-industry. I do hope that prosecutors will pay attention not only to the former CEO of Volkswagen and all materials are available on T&E links below. Volkswagen has started its very own VolswagenGate and DieselGate was insured as nobody can really comply with the three magics together: price, performance and emissions. Now we are moving into the full blown AutoGate. 
  Lies are flying all around again and everybody was paying for it. I start to think that this scandal will eclipse Enron, LIBOR, Energy, Pensions, FOREX and Gold manipulations scams all together and can, actually, take down the markets with it in a big way. It touches every family, everybody drives these days in the West. Idea that we all have been played for years like total idiots will not make auto-makers and Big Oil more popular. Carl Icahn is heavy shorting the markets and his video release tomorrow will make FED run to the boats. Next QE is already on its way now. 
  This total mess makes me think, personally, what will it take to expose the GMO scam? And what this exposure take will be on the World Economy - total collapse? 
  It will not be surprising to me, personally, if Electric Cars are actually already cheaper on price and real performance value matrix. Emissions and thousands of people dying every day all across the world from the air pollution will pull the scale into EV side even more. And cheaper and better EVs are coming now with thousands of places all over the world where to charge them in 20 minutes … Who will start the FrackingGate scam to be exposed now?

Elon Musk On Volkswagen Scandal: 'We've Reached The Limit Of What's Possible' With Fossil Fuels.

  Elon Musk is not dancing on the Volkswagen grave, mass media will do it of him now. He is already dealing with Diesel and Gas powered cars as a class: making more and more electric cars. Last week Tesla has opened European plant, announced talks about opening its Superchargers Network to other auto-makers and … Tesla Model S will go 600 miles on a charge in the future. Now Elon Musk talks about Lithium Battery Gigafactories in Europe. Let's bring one to Ireland!

Here we go:

It’s not just VW: Official tester claims four more diesel car giants break toxic emissions limit

Carmakers say they 'can't meet' Euro 6 emissions targets

The Guardian:

Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi’s cars are shown to emit significantly more NOx pollution on the road than in regulatory tests

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi have joined the growing list of manufacturers whose diesel cars are known to emit significantly more pollution on the road than in regulatory tests, according to data obtained by the Guardian.

In more realistic on-road tests, some Honda models emitted six times the regulatory limit of NOx pollution while some unnamed 4x4 models had 20 times the NOx limit coming out of their exhaust pipes.
“The issue is a systemic one” across the industry, said Nick Molden, whose company Emissions Analytics tested the cars. The Guardian revealed last week that diesel cars from Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat, Volvo and Jeep all pumped out significantly more NOx in more realistic driving conditions. NOx pollution is at illegal levels in many parts of the UK and is believed to have caused many thousands of premature deaths and billions of pounds in health costs.
All the diesel cars passed the EU’s official lab-based regulatory test (called NEDC), but the test has failed to cut air pollution as governments intended because carmakers designed vehicles that perform better in the lab than on the road. There is no evidence of illegal activity, such as the “defeat devices” used by Volkswagen.
The new data is from Emissions Analytics’ on-the-road testing programme, which is carefully controlled and closely matches the real-world test the European commission wants to introduce. The company tested both Euro 6 models, the newest and strictest standard, and earlier Euro 5 models. Data showed that:
  • Mercedes-Benz’s diesel cars produced an average of 0.406g/km of NOx on the road, at least 2.2 times more than the official Euro 5 level and five times higher than the Euro 6 level. A spokesman for Mercedes-Benz said: “Since real-world driving conditions do not generally reflect those in the laboratory, the consumption figures may differ from the standardised figures.”
  • Honda’s diesel cars emitted 0.484g/km of NOx on average, between 2.6 and six times the official levels. A spokesman for Honda said: “Honda tests vehicles in accordance with European legislation.” 
  • Mazda’s diesel cars had average NOx emissions of 0.293g/km in the real world, between 1.6 and 3.6 times the NEDC test levels. One Euro 6 model, the Mazda 6 2.2L 5DR, produced three times the official NOx emissions. A spokesman for Mazda said: “In compliance with the law, Mazda works hard to ensure that every petrol and diesel engine it makes fully complies with the regulations.”
  • Mitsubishi diesel cars produced an average of 0.274g/km of NOx, between 1.5 and 3.4 higher than in the lab. “The NEDC was never intended to represent real-world driving,” said a spokesman for Mitsubishi.
  • The Emissions Analytics data seen by the Guardian also found Citroen, VW and Audi NOx emissions to be higher on the road than in the EU lab test.
  • Molden said Emissions Analytics had analysed about 50 Euro 6 diesels and 150 Euro 5 diesels, with only five having real-world NOx levels that matched the regulatory test. The failure of the EU’s NOx test to limit real-world emissions, and tackle air pollution, has been known for some years, but specific manufacturers have not been named.
    “The VW issue in the US was purely the trigger which threw light on a slightly different problem in the EU - widespread legal over-emissions,” Molden said. “For NOx, [diesel] cars are on average four times over the legal limit, because of the lenient nature of the test cycle in the EU.” The Emissions Analytics tests showed 4x4s to have the highest NOx emissions, with several unnamed models emitting 15 times official levels and one more than 20 times.
    “MEPs have been fighting for years to reform EU rules on diesel emissions-testing so they reflect real-world emissions. Yet the powerful car lobby and national governments have fiercely resisted these life-saving changes,” said Catherine Bearder, a LibDem MEP and a lead negotiator in the European parliament on the EU’s new air quality law. “The people of Europe have waited long enough for cleaner air, they must not be made to wait any longer.”
    Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner Jenny Bates said: “With further manufacturers implicated, this is yet more evidence that this scandal goes way beyond VW, and should cause decisionmakers to question the very future of diesel vehicles on our roads. This is a massive public health disgrace and the failure to prevent vehicles breaking pollution rules will have cost lives.”
    Two car companies, Mercedes and Honda, said that they supported a tightening of the regulations. “Mercedes-Benz emphatically supports the introduction of the WLTP test [which] is designed to supersede the NEDC, with the goal of bringing standardised and real-world consumption closer together,” said the spokesman. “To this end, we actively support the dialogue between industry (through trade group ACEA [European Automobile Manufacturers Association]) and the authorities.” Honda said it supported “additional testing in order to help strengthen regulatory and consumer confidence”. 
    However, in a letter seen by Reuters to EU officials, the ACEA chairman and Renault chief executive, Carlos Ghosn, said that no significant progress on NOx was possible before 2019. Reuters said that ACEA, which lobbies for Europe’s carmakers in Brussels, told the officials on 1 October that the NOx limit for a new, more realistic test should be 70% higher than today’s limit. An ACEA spokeswoman said it was “too early in the process to confirm or comment on hypothetical figures.”
    “These new test results [from Emissions Analytics] prove that the Volkswagen scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. What we are seeing here is a dieselgate that covers many brands and many different car models,” said Greg Archer, an emissions expert at Transport & Environment. “The only solution is a strict new test that takes place on the road and verified by an authority not paid by the car industry.”

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