Saturday 10 October 2015

The Next Industrial rEVolution: Fully Charged - Lithium Battery Vs Petrol Engine. The Lawnmower Test.

  Robert is just brilliant in his presentation of the major underlining driving force for The Next Industrial rEVolution. Electricity provides us with the most efficient way of using the available Energy. And now we have Lithium Technology to store it. The picture above demonstrates the state of our Energy progress, the Volkswagen Scam and DieselGate tells us who paid for it and why. Will we have enough rage to demand change and vote for it with our wallets now? There is The Sun in the sky, it is just stupid not to use it any more. How to do it Elon Musk explains with Tesla CTO below.

DieselGate: EPA Is Investigating A Second Emissions-control Software Program On Volkswagen Cars.


Now we are talking about Second Cheating Device on Volkswagen cars.

Fully Charged: Brilliant DieselGate Rant - "They Are Not Interested In You And Me." 

   It is all said so well by Robert. Where is our outrage? How fast will we allow "Them" to swipe it under the rag again? New CEO of Volkswagen came from Porsche and, according to reports, he was personally involved in the orchestrating very heavy lobbing against the new emission standards. At Porsche they could not find where to charge their Mission E to make it "fully practical"? Show them finally Tesla Superchangers for Gods sake. What kind of change can we expect? They are Not interested in you and me. The list goes on … Post production note from Robert: 

"My rant does one thing. It UNDER exaggerates, not 40% more NOX, 4,000% more"

And This Is How To Charge All Our Electric Cars Made By Tesla: Musk’s SolarCity Vows Super Solar Panel. 


  "Elon Musk will not only produce Electric Cars for us, but will charge them all as well. Tesla Supercharger Network is mushrooming all over the world very fast now. And here come the more efficient Solar panels from SolarCity as well. JB Straubel CTO of Tesla has presented Tesla Energy with "The Missing Piece" to put it all together very well. These are two videos you have to see and share: they will change you life. Mine has already changed and you can follow my very own "Disruption Saga" as well. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this rEVolution. Watch the video."

I Got Censored By Twitter On DieselGate After Volkswagen Says 8 Million Cars Affected In EU. 

 "I feel a little bit proud this morning. We can make the difference after all. After explosion in traffic to my blog with the recent Volkswagen scandal I got Censored by Twitter today. I could not post for a while anything related to DieselGate or Volkswagen. Read more."

Tesla CTO: The Biggest Challenge We Facing Today - Energy Coming From Fossil Fuels.

 "JB Straubel gives this brilliant presentation  and it is resonating even more today with the latest DieselGate and VolswagenGate headlines. AutoGate is approaching very fast and FrackingGate will be next. Corporate greed fuels all those scandals and it will be unstoppable if not for the people like JB and Elon Musk. There was the challenge: how to survive without the fossil fuels? This is how Tesla Motors was started in 2003 and the rest is the history now … JB tells it all today. Now we have Lithium Technology available to us to hit the last nail for the Fossil Fuels. Will we have now enough rage to do it? Maybe you can do something as well? Watch the Video."

Joe Lowry: The Tesla Lithium Supply Question.

  After all my excitement about Tesla Model X launch, time is to Play Imany's Slowdown and to check Joe Lowry's latest insights from behind the scenes of the most dramatic ongoing technology disruption in the 21st century. Elon Musk is taking on 4 Trillion auto-industry and Energy with Utilities are next. He smiles a lot, but he will not take any prisoners. Apple is rushing into the 1 Trillion market cap dream with its very own Electric iCar now as well. Where are the Lithium Bottlenecks and who is holding the keys to the future of Transportation, Mobile Communication and Energy Storage?

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