Sunday, 13 July 2014

Object To The Wentworth Club Commercial Hotel Development Today!


Please raise your objection to the Wentworth Club Hotel Development today!
This development will change our Wentworth Estate forever, will ruin the landscape, bring more traffic, pollution and put additional strain on the Estate infrastructure.
It is understood that The Commercial Hotel is only the first part of the multi-staged development plan on The Green Belt.
Next stages include plans for The Residential Development instead of Executive Golf Course and increased density of the houses on the Golf Courses of the Estate.
Please visit to find more information and template for your objection.
"I have been informed that comments can still be submitted up until the review starts and these will be considered.
I have also noticed that some of the 10 comments received so far are identical. Please be aware that identical comments are normally rejected. If you use somebody else’s comment as a guide you must change it albeit slightly.”

Please send your objection to: with CC to Cllr Geoffrey Woodger
Please act today, as tomorrow it will be too late! Join us in our Demand For The Urgent Extraordinary Meeting of WRA.