Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Powered By LIthium: While You're Asleep, Electric Car Owners Are Guzzling Power And There Is Enough For All.


  I am addressing here the questions a lot of people still have about electric cars and debunking one myth after another one at a time. Please be careful, my opinions are quite strong - take it after your morning exercise and reading my legal disclaimer. So far we have discussed with you:

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and why it all matters to you:

Peak Oil Is Back! - IEA Write-down Of Two-thirds Of US Shale Oil Explodes Fracking Myth.

  Today Andrew Freedman and Sandy Dechert will help me to address another issue: can we charge our Electric Cars once we all will move into the future?


By Andrew Freedman

"Electric vehicles are entering the mainstream, with the sporty Tesla having sold 30,000 vehicles so far, and recent moves designed to greatly expand the use of innovative battery technology.
However, as more of these cars hit the road, they place unique strains on the electric grid.

Households with electric vehicles guzzle juice from the grid at night in order to get charged up for the next day, according to a new analysis by Opower, a company that provides cloud-based software to the utility industry. And that could be a problem in the long run.

As electric vehicles go mainstream, utilities may need to continue nudging consumers away from plugging in during peak periods of energy demand, the analysis suggests.

The numbers also show that electric vehicle owners are far more likely to have rooftop solar panels than non-electric vehicle owners, which helps offset some of their electrical consumption from coal and natural gas-fired power sources. Mashable."

Clean Technica:

Grid Capacity For Electric Vehicles Is Actually Not A Problem, Studies Find

Sandy Dechert

"Somehow, Americans have trouble grasping the idea that our current utilities can support a high number of electric cars without building hundreds of new power plants. However, a new study from the global clean technology consultants at  Navigant Research emphatically puts the notion of utility and grid insufficiency to rest.
In fact, Navigant says, the power grid we have right now can sustain millions of electric vehicles without anyone having to invest in new power generation. Clean Technica"

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