Monday, 7 July 2014

Powered By Lithium: Tesla Model S P85 Accelerating 0-215 kph On German Autobahn.

  We have discussed today how Formula E will demonstrate the real potential of Lithium Technology in Electric Cars, but look what Tesla Model S can do on German Autobahn! Do Not Try it at home, particularly if you are not on Autobahn in Germany and not in Tesla Model S!

Powered By Lithium: Formula E Comes To London!


  Just a few years ago people were rising their eyebrows hearing the idea about Formula E and now we have it arriving in style to London. Like with the ICE cars Formula E will be the great ambassador for the electric cars and will demonstrate the ability of Lithium Technology to its full extend. AutoBlogGreen reports:

"The FIA Formula E London ePrix will take place within the grounds of Battersea Park. Deputy Mayor of London Sir Edward Lister announced that the Wandsworth, South London location will be the venue for the final race of the inaugural season of the all-electric series. The season's 10 races will take place in city centers of major cities around the world. Formula E also announced BMW as its official supplier, its second female driver Michela Cerruti and a feature where fans vote for drivers to get a speed boost during the race. Read more in the press release below where you can also check out the video of Formula E cars tearing up the pavement of London's Westminster Bridge. AutoBlogGreen."

  Is UK finally becoming The Capital of Europe for the Electric Cars?  We are getting ready for it and finishing our budgeting for Ireland Blackstairs Lithium project exploration this year.

International Lithium Corp. A Potential Source For Green Technology Minerals.

  "Rare Earth elements or metals (REEs) are essential elements in clean-energy technologies. In recent years REEs have received plenty of coverage concurrent to growing environmental concerns.  The rare-earth topic is no longer obscure and discussions regarding future REE shortages are beginning to emerge in mainstream media. Today international governments and organizations are pushing efforts to develop solutions to the rising scarcity threat, one of the biggest being that only 1 percent of critical materials are currently being recycled (they are difficult to recover economically), and so the race to find viable sources for REEs is on.

  The Green Technology Industry is the largest end-user of REEs and is continually growing with the development of electric vehicles and green energy electrical generators; wind turbines and solar panels. According to the American Chemistry Society, Lithium is among these endangered metals. China, which controls 97% of global rare earth production, has made significant investments in securing their supply. One excellent example of this is the recent news from China based Ganfeng Lithium Corp. regarding their 15million yuan (US $2.4 million) investment into International Lithium’s Blackstairs Pegmatite project in Ireland and the Mariana Brine project in Argentina for the 2014 budget year.  Ganfeng Lithium Corp. is one of the largest lithium product suppliers in the world supplying ILC with both capital and expertise and providing the global green technology industry with a new potential source of lithium supply. Read more."

International Lithium: Tesla Goes Open Source, Ganfeng Lithium Goes for Vertical Integration.

"Ganfeng Lithium news is making rounds now in the industry circles and Resource Investing News has published an interesting article on the recent developments in the Lithium and Electric Cars space. Read more."

International Lithium: Ganfeng Lithium Acquisition of Lithium Battery Company To Build The Vertically Integrated Industry Chain.


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