Monday, 7 July 2014

1.3 Billion People Indian Market Will Get Government Subsidies For Electric Cars.


  China is in the headlines with electric cars this year and now India is joining our electric party. The horrible air pollution in China unfortunately is the modern day hazard of all urban areas and India is suffering as well with its high density populated megalopolises and general lack of infrastructure. Can you imaging what will happen if middle class in India will get on the roads, once they are built? 
  Now Indian government is preparing the solution and Mahindra is the sponsor of Formula E already. Needles to say that this huge market is waiting for a cheap, but reliable electric cars. Will Tesla and Apple come to the rescue one day?

   "Everything new in this life was started with the simple question: Why Not? Can we start talking that Tesla, Apple and Foxconn Is A Match Made In Heaven To Make Electric Apple iCar Under $15k? Tesla and Apple have met after all discussing SOMETHINGbefore. Whether it was Tesla Gigafactory for potential production of Lithium Polymer Batteries for iPhones and iPads or my beloved Apple iCar my "Chinese tea leaves" are not telling me at the moment, but these three companies have everything in the world to make the mass market for Electric Cars happen overnight: Apple with its Billions of Capital, iconic brand and marketing machine, Tesla Motors with Electric Cars Lithium Technology and Foxconn with its Low Cost Manufacturing Base for mass market production and entry into the world's largest auto-market in China. Read more."


Lithium Catalyst: Apple Electric iCar Coming From Tesla? ILC.v TNR.v AAPL TSLA

"It will not take much to ignite Lithium Bull again - just four words will do: China, Pollution, Tesla and Apple. We have written extensively about three of them before and now we can have the groundbreaking development with Apple thinking about joining the Electric Party. Sufiy."

  Before we all get very excited let's see where this story will land in the end and who are those clients of Foxconn they are not talking about now? We at International Lithium are working on development of our Lithium Projects to make these dreams and mass market for Electric Cars possible one day in the nearest future. It will be done by somebody, I am sure - now we have some names to talk about.

International Lithium Corp. A Potential Source For Green Technology Minerals.

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