Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy Independence Day America! If Only You Could Celebrate It In Peace ... Oil, Money, & War.


  Happy Independence Day America! To make this wish come true we have to address two problems: Private FED With Its Massive Conflict Of Interest and The Looming Energy Crisis, which will end all FED's QE Games in the real economic tears.

  Jim Puplava is another my trusted source of information. I am personally not always have exactly the same opinion as my Mentors, but this is the most important quality in these  information sources - you trust them to bring another perspective.
  I will throw a few links for your to enjoy the long weekend. And you already know why I do think that we can change it: 

Powered By Lithium: While You're Asleep, Electric Car Owners Are Guzzling Power And There Is Enough For All.


  "I am addressing here the questions a lot of people still have about electric cars and debunking one myth after another one at a time. Please be careful, my opinions are quite strong - take it after your morning exercise and reading my legal disclaimer. So far we have discussed with you: Read more."

NATO: Russian Spies Against "100% Safe Fracking", Two-thirds Of US Shale Oil "Could Be Stolen By Chinese Hackers."

   "I am not sure that even "evil Putin" can go as far just to protect our houses in UK from fracking, earthquakes and us from cancer coming with the contaminated water in order just to sell his Oil. China is buying it anyway? But let's just stop messing with it and Just Stop Buying It!?  Let's all go Electric. Elon Musk has shown us how it could be done going Open Source On Electric Cars with Tesla's patents open to all now.  
  Who can Stop us? Exxon, BP,  Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total, Eni, Statoil, ConocoPhilips? Anybody else from The  World' 25 Biggest Oil Companies? They are all becoming green and even like BP - Beyond Petrolium. Just wait, they are working on another Needle just to keep us all happy with the Hydrogen. By the way the same "Russian Spies" must be behind the 20% stake of BP in Russian Totally Evil Rosneft?  But lets get down to business from our conspiracy theories here, mass media keeps it very quiet as it must be "the Chinese Hackers who stole Two-thirds of US Shale Oil Reserves"? I was not able to confirm this report and please do not rely on it in any sense. 
  I will repost my research in these high octane matters as Iraq situation reminds us all what is it all really about as Oil Is Running Out. The Ugly Truth is That There Is No Cheap Oil Left Anymore. Read more."

Sufiy: Federal Reserve Is As "federal" As Federal Express: Massive Conflict Of Interest In This Private Central Bank.


  "In my personal quest for answers how does the world really work? I came across a lot of conspiracy theories and "tin foil characters", but to my very personal surprise a lot of these theories ... are happen to be true and the real secrets are hidden in the plain sight. I do not talk about any politics here, but in order to have All our Big Picture in place we must consider all options of How To Win Strategy is applied  in The Art Of War, which employs Any Rules of Breaking The Rules. Read more."

Peak Oil Was Just Postponed - IEA Write-down Of Two-thirds Of US Shale Oil Explodes Fracking Myth.


  "Jim Puplava has a very interesting discussion about Peak Oil on his Financial Sense this week.  You do not hear a lot in the mass media about the report on coming write-down by IEA of two-thirds of US shale oil reserves, but it is the really groundbreaking news exposing fracking hype and myth everybody should be worried about now. Peak Oil Is Back! You can find my own findings and how we are addressing this coming Peak Oil by building our International Lithium to make Electric Cars mass market possible one day below on the links. Please, enjoy: "Jim Puplava's Big Picture: Peak Oil - Delayed But Not Resolved" Read More."

Oil, Money, & War

In this timeless and re-released article Jim outlines three major powershifts of the 21st century stemming from the ongoing struggle of resource scarcity. Both historical and forward looking, "Oil, Money, and War" analyzes the dynamic relationship between these three forces and their ongoing role in reshaping our modern world.

powershiftThe next war has just begun. The era of peace and stability that we have come to know is over. We are entering an era in history, not of peaceful economic competition between nations, but a time of warfare between tribes, ethnic groups, religions, and economic systems. This war will be unlike other wars. There will be no major battlefields. Armies won’t line up to face each other and do battle. The 21st century war will be taken to the cities and suburbs as well as the skies. It will be fought with car bombs, small explosives, light armaments, and surveillance. It will be a war of men killing each other at close quarters. Battles will be replaced by skirmishes, bombings, massacres and genocide. It will be fought by regular armies against small groups known as terrorists, guerrillas, bandits and robbers. For the first time in the West, war will become personal. It won’t be watched from afar, but will be experienced first hand as immediate participants, victims or targets. In this new war, age and sex will be meaningless for many of its warriors will have little regard for life. Financial Sense."

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