Monday, 7 July 2014

Copper M&A: Lumina Copper Hits Another 52 W High of CAD10.55 As Copper Companies Moving Higher.


  Copper companies are moving higher these days, more fund managers are buying in on the Inflation picking up and IMF report that China will survive "The Downturn to 7.5% Growth". I will have to adjust my numbers for Lumina Copper valuation now.

Copper M&A: Lumina Copper Hits CAD10.36 - Is Another Bid Coming For Taca Taca Now?

  Please do not get very excited and read my legal disclaimer carefully, but as we have seen before this kind of price action in Lumina Copper case can tell us that something is going on. It can be the simple arbitrage play by the big guns, but the market cap of Lumina copper is already higher than the calculated at the announced acquisition price by First Quantum Minerals. The announced price was CAD 470 million. Lumina Copper has 46,978,235 Fully Diluted shares, price at CAD10.55 gives us already CAD 496 million! I do not think that it is bet on rising Copper price or rising First Quantum share price - you can more safely buy the First Quantum shares in that case. Somebody thinks that Taca Taca can be worth more...
  Let's see what the next couple of weeks will bring us here. I will repost my yesterday's entry and you will appreciate later why it is important. Now Los Azules Copper will be making its rounds in the industry.

All slides in this part of the post are from McEwen Mining presentations.

Please Note that TNR Gold Qualified Person - as it is defined by NI 43-101, was NOT able to Verify and Confirm Any Provided Information by The Third Parties; you must NOT rely in any sense on any of this information in order to make any Resource or Value Calculation, or attribute any particular Value or Price Target to any Discussed Securities.

End of slides from McEwen Mining presentations.

Mining M&A: China's Top Gold Firm Talking To Barrick And Friedland As Copper Rallies.


  As we have discussed before, we have really Hot Winter In Argentina for mining M&A. Now Frik Els confirms "China's Top Gold Firm Talking to Barrick Gold, Has Friedland "hotline":

"China's largest gold mining company, China National Gold, is officially setting up shop in junior mining hub Vancouver this week as part of a push into new markets and its global acquisition strategy.

President Xin Song told the Wall Street Journal ahead of Wednesday's event, the Beijing-based firm is on the hunt for global acquisitions and partnerships in gold, silver and copper:

"The growing strategy is very clear, we are going out looking at things globally. On our hands we have a few opportunities, at different stages."
Song, who also chairs the China Gold Association, has not ruled out acquisitions in developed countries, such as Canada, Australia and the US, but the main focus of its expansion strategy is assets in the region including in Mongolia, Russia and countries in central Asia.
Investments in "politically stable" countries in Latin America and Africa are also being considered Song said."

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