Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lithium Race: GM Bolt Gets Translation In Europe - It Comes Out As Opel Ampera-e With 500 Km Of Range.

  GM Bolt is getting translated in Europe at the Paris Motor Show and it is coming out as Opel Ampera-e  with a very impressive 500 km of range on a charge. Hopefully, it will now contribute to the 1,000,000 EVs sold next year all over the world. The new electric car from GM for the European market will be launched in 2017. Unfortunately, it will not be available for the UK. If GM is serious about electric cars now it is time to make as many of them as they can. Tesla Model 3 is years away from the European market and Opel Ampera-e will have a great headstart. Renault Zoe is the best selling electric car in Europe this year and now it will compete with Opel Ampera-e with its new improved lithium battery providing 400 km of range. With its 500 km of range, GM will not have any significant competition at the moment  for Opel Ampera-e apart from Tesla Model S with more than double the price tag.

Opel Ampera-e

Lithium Race: We Can Get 1,000,000 Electric Cars Sold Worldwide In 2016.


  "EV Obsession reports that now we have 500,000 electric cars in Europe. As you remember, I expect China to sell only this year 500,000 EVs with 207,000 already sold by August. Europe has 91,300 EVs sold by July and is taking the second place after China and before the U.S. with 93,197 EVs sold by September, which is now falling into the 3rd place. Europe will reach its 100,000 EVs sold faster than the U.S. this year. What is really interesting to note is that Renault Zoe is leading sales in Europe now with 14.2% market share. It is a nice car, but not the best electric cars can offer. Tesla Model S is at 8.7% of EU sales. It is the best electric car, but not affordable for the mass market by ant stretch of the imagination. 
  Now you can better realise why I am calling that the tide is coming after the release of GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 following after that. For the first time, we will have two electric cars with more than 200 miles range and below $40k. Another very interesting point in this article that 250,000 EVs are estimated to be sold this year only in Europe! We are reaching the pivotal point on our way towards the mass market for electric cars and the total electrification of our transportation. We have now only over 1 million electric cars sold in all of our history. This year alone China can sell 500,000, now we can start talking that the U.S. will match Europe at least and we can have 1,000,000 electric cars sold just in 2016! China will see EVs sales accelerated after cleaning up its incentives scheme for the EVs makers earlier this year  and Tesla will be ramping up its production with GM selling Electric Chevy Bolts now as well.
  Markets will be up and down, companies will come and go, but we are witnessing the historic moment of coming out of ICE-age in our transportation. We are talking here about the disruption of $4 trillion transportation industry based on Lithium Technology. Now it is time to check out where all this lithium will be coming from.And the answer: "From Panasonic" - will be better than: "From the underneath of Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada", but still the same like if electricity is coming just from the socket in your wall. Read more."

Lithium Race Towards Mass Market For Electric Cars: Chevy Bolt EV Comes Cruising With 238 Miles Of Range!

   "We have another infusion of healthy lithium based news for the electric cars to beat the Autumn blues in the markets. GM has delivered Chevy Bolt in style with 238 miles of range! It is the great news for the electric cars and now we will have the official competition started between GM and Tesla. Model 3 is still many months  away and GM Bolt will have a head start.  Will the U.S. be able to compete with China in EVs race now?  China is already over 207,000 EVs sold this year by August and the U.S. is still looking to cross 100,000 milestone afters sales up to September. To put things into perspective: there are only over 1 million electric cars sold during all of the humankind history, This year alone China can cross 500,000 EVs sales mark! GM Bolt now will ignite the next stage in this race in the U.S. first and with the release of Ampera in Europe as well. We are moving into the mass market stage with two electric cars capable of 200 miles range now with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. In China, 25 companies are making now 51 models of electric cars and 200 companies are developing another 4,000 models of EVs. This coming tide will lift our spirits in the lithium industry with the rising prices again. Read more."

Lithium Race And Battery Assault.

  "David Fickling made a great article connecting the real story of Lithium Race in China with Warren Buffett's BYD and Tesla in the U.S. Our very small industry is growing so fast now, that quite a few numbers and charts in his article are already off the scale.  My followers would point out that Elon Musk has already announced that Tesla can make a lithium battery with all-in-cost for $190 per kWh! GM has announced earlier this year that LG Chem can go as low as $145 per kWH for its Bolt lithium battery, but only for the lithium cells alone. Gigafactory now will actually produce 50 GWh of lithium batteries by 2018 and 150 GWh by 2022! I will provide a few links and charts with the latest numbers to make it clear why the Lithium 2.0 launch is for real this time. Read more."

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