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Energy rEVolution: Warren Buffett's BYD Unveils Its Lithium B-BOX Energy Storage System In The UK.

BYD B-Box.

  China is leading the Lithium Race and Warren Buffett-backed BYD is the front runner as the number one manufacturer of electric cars. Sales of electric cars are going exponentially and now BYD is taking on Energy Storage which promises to be an even larger market for lithium batteries in the future. In this press release, BYD is pushing its LiFePo4 technology: as we have discussed after Samsung Galaxy Lithium Battery scare - Chinese companies are advancing this particular lithium chemistry which is more stable than others, but you have to sacrifice in specific energy and energy density of the cell. 
  B-Box is not as sexy as Tesla Powerwall, but will do the job and presented as a utility unit. Modular design gives flexibility of several modules in one battery rack. Rated battery energy comes in 2.5kWh, 5kWh, 7.5kWh or 10kWh and you can  easily scale up with a few racks to 409 kWh. Energy efficiency comes at 97%. Now the pricing competition and mass volume production of lithium batteries will determine the speed of The Switch to renewables. Lithium technology is here and cheap batteries change everything. 
  It is important to note that BYD is marketing its Energy Storage product as a response to the myopic decisions of the UK government reducing support for the Solar industry and aiming to improve the return on investment in Solar Power Generation. 
  BYD provides a very interesting data that it already has an annual capacity of 10GWh for LiFePo4 technology. To put this number in perspective: Tesla Gigafactory 1 will produce 50 GWh in 2018 and 150 by 2020. BYD is building a few new Lithium Megafactories now and Chinese companies have announced in the first half of 2016 that 120 GWh of lithium batteries capacity will be coming online by 2018.
  Now you can better understand the level of competition even among Chinese companies scrambling the globe to secure the best lithium resources to feed this Energy rEVolution. New Energy Plan has already made China the Center of Lithium Universe and it will have the far-reaching implications in the future. Two Chinese companies have finished "The Old Lithium Big 3" and now Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are part of "The New Lithium Top 5." International Lithium is building the vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium. Below you can find the links to the information who is making all those lithium batteries and why now the security of lithium supply is the major part of this strategic New Energy plan.


International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

Big Ideas For BREXIT: How Do Solar Panels Work Even In England?

  "I would like to share this primer on Solar Power Generation with our best minds in the UK busy now to find the way for Britain to become The Great again. Hard work, the first level of physics and some guidance from Elon Musk will do the trick now.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything and now EVs are moving into the mass market with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Solar power is here to charge them and lithium battery storage technology makes it 24/7. 
  It is called The New Energy in China and is a part of the 5-year plans which are exercised with military discipline for the last few decades. Electric Cars, Solar and Wind power with lithium battery domination are all parts of the building of this strategic industry in China to rule in the 21st century. Why the UK can't bring its act together and learn fast from the best practices and avoid costly mistakes?  
  BOE will print money anyway, just give it to the people who will create jobs and the future for the UK, not to the bankers who have already lost it and will waste it "repairing" their balance sheets. Watch the video."

Warren Buffett's BYD Dominates Lithium Race: EVs Sales Doubled Again In August - New Record Set Of 10,545 Sold.


  InsideEVs reports about China's New Energy plan in action. Warren Buffett's BYD leads lithium race with EVs sales  doubled again in August to the record of 10,545. With more than 63,500 EVs sold this year, BYD has already exceeded last year total sales of 59,000. 
  BYD has become the number one EVs manufacturer in the world in May of this year. Now we can put these numbers into perspective: we have just celebrated a month ago that GM has sold 100,000 Chevy Volts from 2009. Tesla is making headlines with its push to sell this year 80,000 - 90,000 of its electric cars.  Now you can understand why the real lithium race is happening in China and we can have 5,000,000 electric cars over there by 2025. 
  I expect that this year we be the bifurcation point and we will see 1,000,000 electric cars sold over the world - we have just over 1,000,000 EVs on all our roads in the world sold during all our history! It will ignite the mass market for electric cars with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 joining the race.  China will be the leader with its 25 companies already making 51 models of EVs and 200 companies working on the development of 4,000 new EVs.  China has sold 207,000 EVs by August of this year ahead of Europe with  91,300 EVs sold by July and the US with 93,197 EVs sold by September. Two Chinese companies have finished "The Old Lithium Big 3" and now Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are part of "The New Lithium Top 5." Below you can find the links to the information who is making all those lithium batteries and why now the security of lithium supply is the major part of this strategic New Energy plan.

Lithium Race: China Wants 3 Million Electric Cars On Road By 2025.

  "I guess that it is the case that whatever China wants they will get. In the case of electric cars with all the best central planning can get they will be there much faster. I am expecting that China will sell 500,000 only in this year. And we will see 1,000,000 electric cars sold worldwide in 2016. They have sold already 207,000 by August in 2016! Bloomberg is even more optimistic on the chat above. I will throw my own number - China will have at least 5 million electric cars by 2025. Why - just stay with me for a while. These twenty minutes can change your next 20 years of life. If Tony Seba is correct: all new cars sold by 2025 will be electric.
  There is a state-level military plan in action in China to leapfrog ICE-age technology directly into the post carbon world with its New Energy Plan. It is a part of strategic planning on the state-level within Five Year Plans. New Energy is based on Solar, Wind and Electric Cars. Military style planning includes the whole commodity chain starting with Lithium Raw Materials - Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are investing all over the globe to secure lithium supply. Lithium Chemicals including for lithium batteries production - China is number 1 in the world already including Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi making it into "The New Lithium Top 5." Lithium Batteries - Now Warren Buffett's BYD is chasing Panasonic and new coming Megafactories in China from CATL, BYD, Foxconn, Boston Power, A123, LG Chem and  Panasonic will make China the center of Lithium Universe for many years ahead. Electric Cars - there are 25 companies which are making 51 models of EVs already in China and 200 companies are developing 4,000 new EV models.  
  This is what I call a serious exercise of a structural shift in the economy, driving internal consumption by building a 21st-century manufacturing base in Solar, Wind and Electric Cars and growing its middle class who will produce and consume all those beautiful cars. Now they will be able to breathe a fresh air as well. Welcome to Henry Ford idea with the state level implementation of new lithium technology and 1.4 billion people who would like to be happy and only starting to consume a fraction of the goods compare to the West.   
  I am preaching for the same approach here in the West for years. My dog is listening to me every time, but even him got bored already. Nothing is perfect anywhere, but you better check it out and learn fast: while we are still fighting DieselGate after one year from its mass media discovery, Red Dragon is flying fast and high picking up the best lithium projects, technology and brains to feed its new appetite for growth. Links below will provide you with my ideas where this growth will lead us  and what will be the diet for this hungry creature. For those who is a long time here - we are coming back to our main investment thesis. It is very difficult to handle dragons: they are naughty, moody and can fry you just by trying to kiss. It is a better business to run a grocery store and feed them well. This New Energy domination plan will require a lot of Lithium and Copper and this is where my research is leading me to as well now. Read more."

Solar Power Portal:

BYD Unveils Its B-BOX Energy Storage System In The UK.

Recently announcing it is to supply the city of London with Europe’s largest pure electric bus fleet, BYD and its brand is becoming familiar to many across the UK. BYD Company Ltd. is not only the world’s largest EV maker – with sales of nearly 63,000 units of passenger EVs in 2015 and its pure electric buses and taxis running in over 200 cities worldwide – it is also the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries, used to power both its electric vehicle line-up and a range of energy storage systems.
BYD’s energy storage systems have established an unrivalled reputation in countries that place sustainable development on top of their energy agendas; chiefly Germany, Spain, Austria and Australia. BYD has now officially launched its “B-BOX” in the UK – an energy storage system for household and commercial applications featuring the same battery technology used in buses running throughout central London. The first UK installation of the system is at the Waxman Energy showroom (BYD’s distribution partner), based in Elland, West Yorkshire, Waxman’s Sales Director, Mark Powell, comments: "after comparing other home energy storage systems, we chose the BYD B-BOX for its safety, reliability and, most importantly, the flexibility to extend its capacity in the future if needed."
The main feature and key advantage of the B-Box is the battery’s Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which grants high thermal stability, making it the safest on the market. These batteries are safe under extreme physical conditions and withstand temperatures of several hundred degrees; a thermal stability that allows for a long life-span of over 6,000 cycles. The B-BOX is also flexible; the capacity of a single unit can be expanded from 2.5Kwh to 409Kwh by adopting a modular design which makes it suitable for diversified demands. As for performance, main advantages include a high usable capacity of up to 96%, as well as a power output of up to 1C.
"We believe the B-BOX is very suitable for the UK market," said Julia Chen, Senior Director of BYD Battery Sales Division, "with such global track record and positive market feedback, we have every reason to believe the B-BOX will do great in the UK." 2016 has seen the rebirth of the tandem of solar power generation with energy storage, enabling a broad scope of applications from domestic to medium and large-scale commercial projects. The B-BOX is BYD's response to the UK market's dramatic drop in government subsidies for renewable energy projects and a shifted focus towards home and business users to maximize their return on solar PV investments. Currently BYD is partnering with Waxman for distribution and SREnergy for after-sales services in the UK.
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