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Lithium Race Accelerates: Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars.

Yahoo Autos.

  If you are still wondering where the major Technology Trend is going and what will be the Bull Market for the next 50 years, look no further, but where the smart money are going. Billionaires from Tesla, Google, Apple, China, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson: just to name a few - are all investing in the Next Big Thing: Energy rEVolution with Electric Cars and Clean Energy from Solar and Wind powered by Lithium Technology.
  On this blog you can find a lot of facts, ideas and my personal chronicles about this Energy rEVolution. The small difference from other places is that I am testing all my theories with my own money and inviting my friends as well - the latter is the real challenge for all pioneers. 
  The only quality I can offer is my persistence, which can be called madness as well and my severe medical condition: I have a life threatening allergy for BS. Welcome to our broadcast here, spread the word and tune up to the Spirit of the Raw Power and Bottled Electricity: The Miracle Is Here:

President and CEO Of International Lithium Buy Shares In The Company.

  Our Chairman and CEO of International Lithium Gary Schellenberg has joined me and is buying more shares of International Lithium in the market. You can find all latest information on insiders trades on SEDI and below is the latest Podcast from ILC with Gary.

President Of International Lithium Buys 1 Million Shares In The Company.

  Please read carefully my legal disclaimer. After all our announcements I am allowed now to buy International Lithium shares again and have reported my first transactions a few weeks ago. Now I have finished my private transaction to acquire 1 million shares of International Lithium at 8 cents.

  This purchase is above the current market price of ILC. This securities are purchased for investment purposes only. Nothing on this blog must be taken as an investment advice and I can buy and sell any securities without any further notice.
  Please access insider reporting filing on SEDI and latest financial information on all our companies on SEDAR. Never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial adviser.
  This blog is for education purposes only: this is my Chronicles of the Energy rEvolution and geopolitical transition of our society into the post carbon world. We are  making it happen with our very talented Team at International Lithium and TNR Gold. I like what our Team is doing now at International Lithium and putting my money where my mouth is. Read more."

Volkswagen And DieselGate: The Solution - Lithium Technology Is Here To Change Our World.

  "All major corporate crimes can be committed only when the masses are silent being busy digesting fast food with video games and Facebook "friends". Or deeper: when corporate slavery affects your own perspective from the cubicle so much that you think that it is Not Evil any more. 
  Living from cheque to cheque is not helping to build up your independence. This is why there is a War on the middle class in the West. Independent people are dangerous to the System by definition. Here comes Debt and slavery to the banks by generations only to pay off the ticket just to get on the ladder of the "American Dream". 
  This is what happened at Volkswagen. This is what happening with Fracking and GMO. They all affect literally billions of people on our planet. It is a corporate mass murder sanctioned by the corrupt politicians. Now we know about Volkswagen and it is already growing into the DieselGate, when nobody of auto-makers really is in compliance with toxic emissions limits. The next is coming the AutoGate, when ALL cars are emitting deadly pollutions at much higher levels than we all have thought. 
  And I am not talking about the socialism in any sense here, it is just the problem that we do not have capitalism in the West as well. I am not against corporations, but the corrupted HFT version of the wild corporate capitalism now is pushing more and more young people to the nihilism and socialism is on the rise in the West again. Evil minds will get into power driving the desperation again. But I am out of politics and, thanks God, we have the solution now. 
  Let's stop talking and let's start walking. But walking to the Solution - not just ban all the cars, get in the communes again and read with a candle. No, we do not have to do it any more, despite of Fossil Fuel corporate propaganda. Finally technology has made it possible not only to preserve "our way of life", but make it better without sacrificing anything or, what is even more important, anyone. Read more."

 Yahoo Autos:

Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars.

Google and Ford will create a joint venture to build self-driving vehicles with Google’s technology, a huge step by both companies toward a new business of automated ride sharing, Yahoo Autos has learned.
According to three sources familiar with the plans, the partnership is set to be announced by Ford at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. By pairing with Google, Ford gets a massive boost in self-driving software development; while the automaker has been experimenting with its own systems for years, it only revealed plans this month to begin testing on public streets in California. Google has 53 test vehicles on the road in California and Texas, with 1.3 million miles logged in autonomous driving. 
By pairing with Ford, the search-engine giant avoids spending billions of dollars and several years that building its own automotive manufacturing expertise would require. Earlier this year, Google co-founder Sergey Brinsaid the company was looking for manufacturing partners that would use the company’s self-driving system, which it believes could someday eliminate the roughly 33,000 annual deaths on U.S. roads.
Ford CEO Mark Fields showing off the company’s self-driving prototype last week in California.
While exact details of the partnership were unclear, it’s understood the venture would be legally separate from Ford, in part to shield the automaker from liability concerns. Questions of who will be responsible for any crashes involving self-driving cars have been seen as a major hurdle to putting them on the road; earlier this year, Volvo said it would accept responsibility for crashes in autonomous mode, a pledge followed by Google and Mercedes-Benz.
The deal is understood to be non-exclusive; Google has been talking to several other automakers for some time about using its self-driving systems. Most major automakers and several auto parts suppliers are developing their own self-driving controls as well, with a few—Nissan, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz among them—promising advanced vehicles for customer sales by 2020. 
Google declined to comment. Ford spokesman Alan Hall said the automaker works with many companies on its Ford Smart Mobility plan, adding: “We keep these discussions private for obvious competitive reasons, and we do not comment on speculation.”
Last week, Bloomberg reported that Google’s parent firm Alphabet would move the self-driving car business under its own unit, with a goal of eventually launching a taxi or car-sharing services in urban areas that would compete with Uber and others. The company has logged more than 1 million miles of testing in California and Texas, with modified Lexuses and custom-built, low-speed electric cars assembled by Roush Industries, a Ford supplier.
Google already has several links to Ford; the head of the self-driving car project, John Krafcik, worked for 14 years at Ford, including a stint as head of truck engineering, and several other ex-Ford employees work in the unit as well. Former Ford chief executive Alan Mulally joined Google’s board last year. 
And Ford executives have been clear for years that the company was ready to embrace a future where cars were sold as on-demand services. Ford CEO Mark Fields has repeatedly said Ford was thinking of itself “as a mobility company,” and what that would mean for its business. "

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