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Lithium Race: 700,000 Plug-In Electric Cars To Be Sold Worldwide In 2016 – China To Dominate EV Sales.


 InsideEVs reports on the dynamic we are discussing here for quite a while. China moves very fast into the post carbon world with the best available technology now for Electric Cars. Warren Buffet with BYD, Elon Musk with Tesla and Apple with Foxconn still hiding its electric iCar; throw here the largest auto-market in the world and announced War on Pollution by the government of China - you have everything to make this Next Big Thing happening for real very fast now.

China Climate Change In Lithium Race: Tesla Superchargers Now Connect Northern And Southern China.


 InsideEVs reports about another breakthrough for Tesla in China. China leaves 100 years old ICE technology behind in the dust and leapfrog straight into the future with its strategic state-level plan to build Electric Cars industry from scratch. If you have missed it: China controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide, which is used in Tesla Motors lithium cells from Panasonic. Now it is taking on Japan and South Korea in lithium battery space. 
    I expect that China will become the largest market for electric cars by sales early next year. Elon Musk will bring the best available lithium technology to China just to get into the largest auto-market in the world. 
  What have you done lately, my dear friends, to give us all a chance in the West just to stay on par with the Rising Dragon? We should be all together racing into the best future available for the common good. We have Lithium Technology and Elon Musk with Tesla has demonstrated brilliantly its capacity. Cheaper Lithium batteries change everything. Who will make now Electric Cars for all of us with my magic 20/200 formula? You are all welcome to participate. Spread the word and stop buying all that cancer hazard polluting rubbish. Read more."

International Lithium At Wentworth: Back Into The Future - The World Just Before The INTERNET.

BBC Video: How Volkswagen Fooled The World With A Scam To Rig Pollution Tests And They Do It Again.

International Lithium – A Green Technology Metals Company Plugged In The rEVolution Of Energy.


JATO Dynamics forecasts that plug-in electric car sales will exceed 700,000 worldwide in 2016. Ten years from now, sales are to be more than 5.5 million.
In 2014, around 280,000 (up 43%) EVs were sold.
“Electric passenger car sales totalled 280,000 units in 2014, representing growth of 43% compared with 2013. While this represents stellar growth compared to the overall market, in terms of volume, 84,000 additional units in a global market that sold more than 72 million passenger cars looks like a drop in the ocean. It also explains why electric cars are still a rare sight on our roads.”
One of the main insights from JATO is that China will lead the way, while Europe will be in a strong second place, ahead of North America.
In 2019, Europe is expected to exceed 500,000 sales annually, while U.S. will hit the same mark around 2022.
Most of the plug-in car sales will be plug-in hybrids, according to the report:
“LMC Automotive also estimates that the biggest winners will be PHEVs, with sales jumping 195% from 2016 to 2019 before reaching 3.3 million units annually by 2025. As a result PHEVs will represent around 60% of combined global sales for PHEVs, BEVs and EREVs. Pure electric (BEV) volumes are predicted to rise from 350,000 units in 2016 to 2.2 million nine years later.”
Editor’s Note:  We should note that going by the report/graphics that there appears to be some specific missing regional/manufacturers brand data in JATO’s worldwide numbers (especially in China), but overall estimates appear to be inclusive/more general in nature.
Most popular EV brands in 2015 by end of August (source: JATO Dynamics)
Most popular EV brands in 2015 by end of August (source: JATO Dynamics)
source: JATO Dynamics"

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