Friday, 4 December 2015

China - The King In The World.

Wonderful, They Are The Best! 

See you at Wentworth on Thursday for our Super Doubles in Table tennis!

  As every sportsman knows, French Resistance Exercises Routine demonstrated at Wentworth Gym  last couple of weeks is totally different from Kung Fu technique, stamina and workout requirements. You cannot compare it even with Table Tennis, when it is taken seriously at this international level. They are whole two worlds apart. Different planets even. It is just totally different speed, spin and reaction time left for the opponent to execute the best short. Not everybody will return the first serve, I am not even talking about any rally ... Thanks God, the same French instructors are not trying  to give us any Kung Fu classes. What a Disaster for such a great place! It is very sad to watch how Great Britain is loosing any sense of any National Identity left these days.

Wentworth Golf And Tennis Club, British Heritage And The Great Leap Forward From China.

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