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Argentina 2016 The New Frontier Of Opportunities.


  Today I would like to share with you the article written by very talented member of TNR Gold Team Roberto Lara from Argentina. Proud people of Argentina are looking for a change coming to that beautiful country and this report from the ground brings the great energy of the coming spring after the very long winter. Please carefully read my disclaimer and always consult you preferred qualified financial adviser.

TNR Gold And International Lithium: Argentina Fever Is Back For Investors Who've Waited 14 Years.

Roberto Lara, Geologist – Managing Director of South American Projects

Mr. Lara graduated from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in geology and has been involved in the mining industry in South America since 1988, mainly in the province of San Juan, Argentina. He previously was chief geologist from Crown Resources USA and consulted to numerous resource companies. Presently Mr. Lara is Vice president of CompaƱia Minera Solitario Argentina S.A., TNR Gold’s 100% subsidiary.

Argentina 2016 The New Frontier Of Opportunities.

Roberto Lara.

"Argentina went over its first historical runoff. Mauricio Macri the opposition candidate won the presidential election on that unforgettable November 22, 2015. This event has brought to Argentina the hope to become a very attractive country for foreign and local investors, besides other bigger expectations for Argentineans.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner populism governance is on its final ends. The 12 years populism politics drag dawn Argentina in one of the worse investment scenery. Basically she put Argentina at the bottom of the attractive countries to invest, with apparently not turning back.

Fortunately, the democratic system gave to the Argentinean citizens the chance to revert the situation, positioning Mauricio Macri’s to be the next president.

Macri’s elected president and his recent appointed ministers are given good signal for the mining industry. They do believe that the mining industry will be one of the primary activities for taking off Argentina along with agriculture industry.

Politicians announced days ago, that a new mining boom will take place in Argentina during the next year. There are still so many projects to be developed, also so many prospects that deserve more explorations.

The potential of the natural resources are undoubtedly out of questions.

In the early 90’s the country had its first mining boom. More than 70 juniors and seniors mining companies were actively prospecting and exploring in Argentina.

Juniors mining companies were very active and aggressively working with the goal of discovering new exploring areas. Others took the old mining projects into an advanced level of exploration and resources estimations.

Los Azules Copper project in Argentina.

This would be the case of TNR Gold Corp (, a junior Canadian mining company established in Argentina since 1994. The company focused on developing gold and copper minerals exploration rights and strengthened its assets with mid-tier and major companies.

The results of this company’s strategy, resulted in several JV agreements, such as with Barrick Gold for its Northern properties and La Ortiguita; Deprominsa S.A. for the Batidero project, also with La Mancha Resources, Latin American Minerals, Battle Mountain Gold Xstrata Coppers, MIM, and McEwan mining for the Los Azules project.

The visionary look for Argentina from TNR Gold, ended in a final agreement with McEwen Mining; where TNR has 0.4 % net smelt return (NSR) on the Los Azules project. Los Azules project is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper deposits, being McEwen the owner and operator of the Los Azules project.

The new minister of mining and energy assigned by the elected president, implies the intention of positioning Argentina as one of the mining leaders in South America. The new regulatory rules will help substantially to the developing of those mining projects that were not developed due to the high risk for investments.

It won’t take long for the mining industry “wheel” to roll back to the early 90’s. Once it happens, TNR Gold will be greatly positioned to continue investing in Argentina, and become one of the most successful and profitable mining companies.

Mariana Lithium project in Argentina.

TNR Gold, had another strategic vision. Its goal was to diversify the company. As a result, it started to explore for lithium in Argentina (also in the world) when the demand of lithium increased and believed to be one of the most strategic minerals in the future.

In 2008, TNR commenced an exploration program in order to identify lithium prospects. They focused in the world’s protective belt in South America. The company revised the areas named Pastos Grandes, salar de Arizarosalar del Rincon and Salar del Llullaillaco collecting brine samples.

As lithium was the most demanded mineral in that time, TNR Gold entered in the first lithium race in order to acquire lithium mineral rights.

As a consequence of this, TNR Gold entered in agreement with a private owner to acquire 100 % ownership for the lithium property named Mariana which is located in the Salar del LLullaillaco comprising some 160 km2 of continuous mining rights. Then, TNR spun off ILC, international Lithium Company ( as a separate publicly trade entity to maximise TNR shareholder value.

Later, ILC signed an agreement with Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd ( from China and recently reinforced its relationship with this company which is one of the main lithium producers in China. Therefore, ILC will be a lithium supplier in the near future.

TNR Gold and ILC are shown as an example of junior mining companies that had the vision to maintain their assets until the investment climate changed appropriately to be in the loop for the next mining boom in Argentina

It has been said that many mining companies will be landing in Argentina in the next following months because the mining potential in Argentina still remains highly prospective from north to south.

It is time for success when one is at the right place, right time and with right people."

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