Sunday, 15 March 2015

Warren Buffett In Lithium Race: China's BYD Electric Bus Operation Around The World.


  Time is to revisit Warren Buffett's BYD. After initial hype in 2008, when Warren Buffett has made few hundred millions in paper profit after his 10% stake investment in BYD by 2009, company was struggling to fulfil his electric dreams. Technology was not ready. But now after the years of development China's BYD is the world leading producer of Electric Buses and its electric cars sales are picking up as well.
  Ganfeng Lithium, strategic partner of International Lithium, is one of the lithium material suppliers for BYD. Interestingly enough, BYD is the part of China - Argentina mutual cooperation agreement and has announced plans to build the Lithium Battery and Electric Bus production facilities in Argentina. Our J/V with Ganfeng Lithium is developing Mariana Lithium project in Argentina now.

International Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium Commence Work Programs on the Avalonia and Mariana Lithium Projects.

Backed By Warren Buffett China's BYD Takes Aim At Elon Musk's Tesla Gigafactory In Battery Race.

  "Our industry is getting hotter by the day. After Apple Electric iCar rumours running wild and getting more and more confirmation, we have Warren Buffett stepping into the Lithium Battery Race. Now we have Tesla with its Gigafactory, LG Chem with its Megafactory in China and Boston Power with stake holding by or strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium in Lithium Battery Race. BYD with Warren Buffett backing is making this investment landscape even more exciting. As Elon Musk has said: "All transportation, apart from rockets, will be electric"  Read more."

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