Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Frank Holmes: Dollar Due For A Correction, All Eyes On Fed.

  US Dollar has hit 100 level and now is sliding little bit below it. This move is already looks like very extended parabolic one and, normally, very sharp correction can happen at any time. Gold is at the crucial level to confirm the Double Bottom with 2014 low.
  All commodities are at the mercy of the strong US Dollar, but we can see some signs of bottoming out in Copper now. Industry insiders are searching for the best assets at these rock-bottom level valuations.

"As gold prices continue to look for a solid footing, Kitco News speaks with Frank Holmes to find out how he sees the metal set up ahead of this important FOMC week. Holmes says the dollar is really his focus, which has jumped to levels last seen in mid-2003. “It appears to be a crowded trade,” he says. “And we’re due for a correction.” Looking to opportunities and threats for gold, Holmes examines treasury yields in the U.S. as well as other Europe to determine where gold may be headed. Tune in to the latest edition of “Gold Game Film” to find out what may be Frank’s touchdown pass of the week. Kitco News, March 16, 2015."

Copper M&A: Teck Resources Sees Looming Supply Gap, Looks For Acquisitions.


  "We have very interesting view from Teck Resources on the looming supply gap for copper and report from Bloomberg about the acquisition appetite at this valuations. Copper M&A talks are getting louder now after the news from X2 Resources. Rob McEwen is marketing Los Azules copper and, hopefully, visits to the property will become even more frequent now. At some point the fundamentals of giant copper deposit will speak for themselves. Read more."

Copper M&A: Mick Davies’ X2 Resources Raises $5.6 Billion, Ready To Buy Up Assets.

"We have the very positive news for the mining sector today from one of the top industry insiders. Capital is available for the best teams and projects and Mick Davies is shopping now. Hopefully this M&A activity will spike further interest in Los Azules Copper as well. Do not read too much into it, but Xstrata was involved in Los Azules Copper at the early stages of this giant copper discovery with Minera Andes. Rob McEwen's comments on timing for acquisitions are already in play in the industry now. Read more."

Rob McEwen: Los Azules Copper - "The Glimmer of Hope for Argentina."

  "Rob McEwen was presenting at BMO Capital Markets conference this week. It is the very interesting presentation and you can find it on the McEwen Mining website. The most interesting for TNR Gold was his comment on the recent situation in Argentina. He sees "the glimmer of hope" with the coming elections in October later this year: "Producers are making their enquiries about the Los Azules Copper project and one of them is on the property now."  Please read carefully my legal disclosure and do not get very excited or make any investment decisions based on this public information from Rob McEwen. I personally think, that it is the very encouraging update from Rob on Los Azules Copper status. His view on Argentina and the changing mining landscape confirms the Yamana Gold and Goldcorp news we have discussed before. There is a long way from the any visit on the property to the signed contract, but magnitude of Los Azules Copper will speak for itself one day - you can find more information on TNR Gold website. Higher copper prices will be the catalyst here and today's news from China has ignited 2% rally in very oversold Copper. We will see soon whether it becomes the sustainable trend. As Rob has mentioned: "This is the time to look at valuations for the best projects." Read more."

TNR Gold Receives Royalty From McEwen Mining On "One Of The Largest Undeveloped Copper Projects".

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