Friday, 13 March 2015

Electric Cars: Tony Seba - Anticipating & Leading Market Disruption.

  Tony Seba is one of the leading minds on the technological disruption. If you are still wondering why Apple is allegedly moving into electric cars space, listen to his brilliant presentations. The speed of disruption is never anticipated before it has happen. Just look at the history of Internet, remember Kodak and Newspapers. Electric Cars are different, but his logic and numbers of potential growth are mind blowing. Tesla Motors has demonstrated the potential of lithium technology. Apple is the company which can make mass market for electric cars the reality very fast. 
  These ideas, which are so well explained in Tony Seba presentations, make us driven to build our company - International Lithium. We are building the strategic supply chain part of vertically integrated lithium business with the leading lithium material producer from China - Ganfeng Lithium. Despite lower oil prices, the huge disruption is already going in the auto-market, as Economist has put it recently: "ANY doubts that electric cars are the future are rapidly blown away within minutes of driving a Tesla Model S."

Tony Seba: 100% Electric Transportation And 100% Solar By 2030.

"Tony Seba talks about disruption technology: Electric Cars, Self-driving Cars and Solar Energy. It is the very promising picture for our business. Just listen to the technological fundamentals underpinning the electric rEvolution! Watch the video."

Electric Cars: Sales Of New-energy Cars Surge In China.

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