Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Clean Air For Europe And China - Powered By Lithium: BMW i3 Electric Review.

  I hope that you share my excitement these days as well. Lithium Race is heating up now, all major auto-makers are going out with new EVs. BMW moves its iconic brand in the 21st century with BMW i3 and BMW i8. BMW has J/V in China as well - BMW Brilliance Automotive. The largest auto-market in the world is attracting all major players. Mercedes, Audi and VW are all rolling out new electric cars. Tesla Model III and Chevy Bolt will bring us the mass market for EVs. Apple iCar wild card is making electric cars the fashionable idea again in the search for the next Trillion dollar market for Growth. And now Warren Buffett is stepping in with BYD to chase the Tesla's Gigafactory and promising triple the output of lithium Batteries.
  Lithium Technology potential was demonstrated by Elon Musk with Tesla Model S, now is time for urban mobility solutions to save China and India from horrible air pollution. And our own cities will benefit as well for our kids! Foxconn is talking about $15k EV and Boston Power about even $8k price tag. The future will tell whether they can succeed, but we are at the tipping point for mass market for electric cars already. Our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium has signed an MOU to acquire the stake in Boston Power and among the suppliers to Warren Buffett backed BYD in China. Europe is the very important export market for Ganfeng Lithium and we are very pleased at International Lithium to advance the Avalonia Lithium J/V project in Ireland. Our team is on the ground now preparing for the drilling on the newly discovered targets.

Backed By Warren Buffett China's BYD Takes Aim At Elon Musk's Tesla Gigafactory In Battery Race.

  "Our industry is getting hotter by the day. After Apple Electric iCar rumours running wild and getting more and more confirmation, we have Warren Buffett stepping into the Lithium Battery Race. Now we have Tesla with its Gigafactory, LG Chem with its Megafactory in China and Boston Power with stake holding by or strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium in Lithium Battery Race. BYD with Warren Buffett backing is making this investment landscape even more exciting. As Elon Musk has said: "All transportation, apart from rockets, will be electric" Read more."

AppleInsider: Investigative Report On Top-Secret Apple Electric iCar.


  "News is coming out faster than I can type these days. Readers of International Lithium presentations are in hundreds per day these days. Future is finally here. Apple has already brought a lot of broad interest to electric cars - just wait when it will announce it officially now. 
  More and more evidence is that "Titan project" is indeed The Apple Electric iCar in the making. Today AppleInsider reports the major investigation in all things about Apple and electric cars. We have Why, How and Where in place now. 
  Apple cannot just glide on iPhone and iPads sales to Trillion market cap, iWatch will not bring the breaking top and bottom growth. Apple is so big that it needs the industry to disrupt next of the same magnitude. There are few Trillion industries investing in Lithium Technology now: Mobile devices, Electric Cars and Energy storage. Apple is very logically moving now into electric cars. Read more."

International Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium Commence Work Programs on the Avalonia and Mariana Lithium Projects.

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