Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Powered By Lithium: Aston Martin DBX Electric Concept - 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

  When this iconic car goes electric you know that something is changing for real. What else do you need to switch now? Technology is here and mass market in EVs is coming with Tesla Model III and GM Bolt. Apple iCar stays the wild card, which can bring it much faster.
  "Re-imaging the brand value for the next decade, next century" - I like it! 202 year history of Aston Martin goes into 21st century.

Can Apple Make The Leap From iPhone To iCar? Is The Partnership With Tesla Coming?

"Will Apple buy its way into Electric Cars space? Tesla is "not for sale", but they can be in some kind of partnership with Apple. Apple can outsource the whole power-train to Tesla and concentrate on the design and its brand. Another wild card in all this game is Foxconn - is it building its own electric car or will produce electric cars for Apple like iPhones and iPads?
 In any case this is the great validation for the electric cars and Apple will bring the catalyst to our lithium industry. With its cash position Apple can build one of the best R&D teams in lithium batteries in the world and legal battle with A123 is the first indication of things to come."

Apple Wants to Start Producing Electric Cars as Soon as 2020.

 "Now Bloomberg reports more details about Apple Electric iCar programme. We are getting ready!"

International Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium Commence Work Programs on the Avalonia and Mariana Lithium Projects.

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