Monday, 2 March 2015

Electric iCar: Apple Adds Vehicles To Its List Of Company Activities In Swiss Legal Filing.


  I continue to monitor the Apple Electric iCar story, today Ben Lovejoy brings us another breaking news on this hot subject. Now this story becomes even more serious and you can find my other entries on the links below. It is the huge catalyst for our industry and International Lithium will enjoy this timing of increased interest in electric cars and lithium technology behind them: we have just started our major advance programs on two J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium.

Is The iCar Apple's Next Big Thing? Should Tesla Be Worried?

"Here we have the key to the potential Apple Electric iCar success - the Apple crowd. The power of Apple's brand and its loyal customers can bring us mass market for electric cars very fast. The magic formula will be 200 / 20 - 200 miles range with $20k price tag for the Electric iCar. But Apple can make people buy Electric Cars even with the higher prices!"

Can Apple Make The Leap From iPhone To iCar? Is The Partnership With Tesla Coming?

"Will Apple buy its way into Electric Cars space? Tesla is "not for sale", but they can be in some kind of partnership with Apple. Apple can outsource the whole power-train to Tesla and concentrate on the design and its brand. Another wild card in all this game is Foxconn - is it building its own electric car or will produce electric cars for Apple like iPhones and iPads?
 In any case this is the great validation for the electric cars and Apple will bring the catalyst to our lithium industry. With its cash position Apple can build one of the best R&D teams in lithium batteries in the world and legal battle with A123 is the first indication of things to come."

Apple Wants to Start Producing Electric Cars as Soon as 2020.

 "Now Bloomberg reports more details about Apple Electric iCar programme. We are getting ready!"

International Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium Commence Work Programs on the Avalonia and Mariana Lithium Projects.

Apple Intelligence:

"Apple has officially added vehicles to the corporate documents describing the company’s activities, at least in Switzerland. The company’s lawyers added the following paragraph, reports Swiss site ApfelBlog.
"Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft; Anti-theft devices; Theft alarms for vehicles; Bicycles; Golf carts; Wheelchairs; Air pumps; Motorcycles; Aftermarket parts (after-market parts) and accessories for the aforesaid goods."

It’s common to add catch-all terminology to company activities, so nothing should be read into the inclusion of ships and aircraft, though we’re sure there will be a breathless headline somewhere soon about an Apple plane … 
The scale of automotive hires by Apple makes it clear that Apple is serious about the possibility of an Apple car, with Bloomberg recently claiming that the company has an ambitious 2020 date in mind. Nothing concrete is yet known about the specifics of the company’s plans, though we can of course speculate.
Apple’s first move into the automotive market may be use of the Apple Watch as a key fob for existing cars, an application mentioned by Tim Cook in a recent interview."

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